Legal requirements and obstacles

IVF treatments can principally only be done for married couples. Couples living in a cohabitational relationships need to get special approval by a court – and have to sign a treatment contract for every single treatment.

Treatments cannot be done for single people or for people living in homosexual relationships. The laws regarding homosexual couples (only women), is likely to change very soon.

For artificial insemination, only the eggs and sperms of the couple undergoing the procedure may be used. Donated sperms may only be used in very special cases. In Austria egg donation and embryo donation are not allowed.

A child who is born with the aid of sperm donation has the right to information about their genetic parenthood. After the age of 14, they have the right to know who their biological father is. The sperms of a single donor can be donated to a maximum of three women.

IVF foundation covering the costs

There is an IVF foundation in Austria which if certain legal requirements are met, covers 70 % of the treatment costs of IVF or ICSI.

The process of insemination unfortunately has to be paid by the couples themselves.

How high are the costs?

This depends on the age of the woman – whether they are under 35 or 35 to 40 years. The costs which can be covered by the foundation should be from 2500 to 3000 EUR. The co-payment should not be over 750 to 900 EUR .

The conditions under which the IVF Foundation contribute to the procedure…

  • The woman may not be older than 40 years and the man not older than 50 years
  • The diagnoses of infertility should be according to the stipulations of the law
  • The partners should be insured by public health insurance
  • The treatments are only done in hospitals which have a contract with the IVF foundation.


Even thought the price for foreigners is calculated differently – one treatment costs around 4000 EUR, plus an additional 3000 EUR for medication. In Germany one treatment including medication costs from 4000 to 6000 EUR (and for the first three treatments, health insurance covers half of the certain costs). Still, many German couples still head to Austria to fulfill their dreams of having a family.