Sperm donation, egg donation and embryo donation are legal in France. Basic requirements must be kept:

  • Anonymity of donor
  • Donors are voluntary, not compensated

Currently in France, there are a number factors limiting the possibilites for couples seeking IVF treatment. Firstly, the waiting times are considerable, due to a lack of female donors. Couples who already have several IVF treatments behind them – without being completely infertile -will find it difficult to meet the strict criteria to receive further treatment .

No more than 6 families are allowed to be conceived by a single donor’s sperm.

Germ cells from the same donor can produce maximum of 5 children.

Ban on the use of fresh sperm and “Spermmix”.

Acquisition or an exchange of embryos for a fee is illegal.

Legal framework – conditions for receiving treatment

  • Couples must be married of have lived together for at least 2 years.
  • Couples needs to be within a ‘reproductive age’ – for women, it is up to 43 years old.
  • Written consent of the couple to be treated according to detailed information and an obligatory one-month consideration period.
  • Written consent of the couple, also regarding embryos, which are to be preserved.
  • Conjunction with heterologous sperm donation (in compliance with their requirements) is possible.
  • The production of embryos in vitro is for reproductive purposes only.

Success rate

Every year around 60,000 couples go through IVF treatment. It is said that around 90% of them have a child.


Up to 5 cycles of IVF will be paid by the system of health insurance.

The price per cycle is supposed to be about 3000 EUR.