First Visit at the GYNEM clinic in Prague, Czech Republic

The first step is to undergo any required pre-treatment tests for you and your partner (please see the list below). You can do this back home or here at the GYNEM clinic. During the initial consultation with our experienced doctor, an individual stimulation protocol will be determined. The nurse will explain to you how to use the medicaments and an agreement with the clinic will be signed. Sperm can also be collected and frozen so that it is not necessary for the man to return to to Prague again.

The price of the initial consultation is 150 EUR, which will be returned to you once you decide to go ahead with the IVF program at our clinic. A deposit of 1000 EUR (which covers the cost of the stimulation medicaments) is required during your first visit at the clinic.

Second Visit at the GYNEM clinic in Prague, Czech Republic

The stimulation of your ovaries starts on the 2nd day of your period and lasts approximately 12 days. During this time you will attend ultrasound scan controls (on the 5th and 8th day), in order to determine whether the dosage of the medicaments is optimal for you.

Around the 12th day of stimulation the egg retrieval will take place under general anaesthesia. On the same day, a sperm sample will be collected for fertilization (unless provided in the first visit or if donor sperm will be used). The cultivations of embryos lasts 3-5 days and it is possible to speak with the embryologist every day to know how many embryos there are and know what is happening.

Around the 15-17th day from the start of the stimulation the embryo is transferred. We currently transfer 1-2 embryos. The amount of transferred embryos will be discussed and decided with the patient, doctor and embryologist. Unused and healthy embryos can be frozen and used at a later time if the first attempt is not successful.

14 days after the embryo transfer takes place you will take a pregnancy test. If the pregnancy test is positive, please continue taking prescribed medications until the 10th week of pregnancy. If the pregnancy test is negative immediately discontinue taking prescribed medicaments.

See our Pre-Treatmnt requirements

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