United Kingdom

Each year many clients travel from the UK to receive IVF treatment here in the Czech Republic. Here we outline some information about the IVF procedure in England, which may help answer why.


It is estimated that in Switzerland around 2000 children a year are conceived through assisted reproduction.


It is difficult to source a specific statistic as to how many couples travel to Spain for the purposes of IVF treatment. However, doctors speculate that it is somewhere in the thousands, per year. So what then, is the current situation in Spain regarding the rules and regulations of IVF?


In a country with strong Catholic traditions, unfourtunately IVF treatment remains somewhat a taboo topic. It is difficult to source official statistics, but according to estimates by doctors, over ten thousand Italians travel abroad every year for the treatment. However, since 2008, the laws have begun to change due to pressure from human rights groups.


The situation for couples unsuccessfully trying to conceive in Germany and Austria is similar – and at the same time totally different. There are currently thousands of couples from Germany heading to Austria to find a solution to there.

Czech Republic

Around 15,000 couples suffer from infertility in the Czech Republic. Now, nearly every 10th child comes into the world artificially. Currently in the Czech Republic, there are 40 centers which offer assisted reproduction services. Over 15 000 cycles of artificial insemination are carried out every year.


Almost 6 million couples in Germany desperately wish to get parents. Unfortunately without success. The next „stage“ in their life is artificial insemination. And how does the situation in Germany look like?

GYNEM Fertility Clinic offers EmbryoScope time-lapse system

GYNEM offers EmbryoScope

EmbryoScope® time-lapse system is a unique platform facilitating improved IVF treatment, flexible work routines and effective communication,
through comprehensive documentation of embryo development and evolving improvements in selection.

EmbryoScope® time-lapse system allows the uninterrupted culture of embryos whilst maximizing the amount of embryo development information collected.
Evolving selection criteria are helping clinics worldwide to improve their IVF practise. Our solution constitutes a platform which is the basis for Improved IVF treatment and clinic digitization.