Donor anonymity not protected

One of the main reasons couples from the UK choose to undergo treatment outside of the country, is due to law which gives a child conceived through IVF the right to request information about their genetic parent when they reach 18years old. This contentious issue is widely debated in IVF ethics world.

Legal Boundaries

  • Children conceived through IVF have the right to information about their genetic parent when they reach the age of 18.
  • A maximum of 10 children can be conceived from one egg donor
  • Donors are compensated up to £750
  • It is possible for same sex partners and single women to receive egg donation.
  • There is no limitation as to the age you can receive treatment, however the NHS will not pay for the treatment of you are over 43 years old.
  • Neither partner must have any living children, from either the current or previous relationships. This includes adopted as well as biological children.


The costs may be covered by the NHS for three cycles of IVF treatment if the patient meets the criteria ( Privately, IVF treatment in the UK can cost around £5000.

Success Rates

Success rates vary according to age, but the best are 32.2% for women under 35, and 27.7% for women aged 35-37.