March 2020

Healthy lifestyle. Important or not?


1) No diets

Diets and detoxes are just a way to hell, or worse, eating disorders. A healthy lifestyle has nothing to do with these. It is important to realise that a healthy lifestyle is something that we live by and it becomes a part of us. It is not about losing 10 kilograms with a strict diet and then return to old habits with eating junk food etc. You should search, listen to your body and try. During this process you will find things and methods that suit you.

2) Eat well and sufficiently

If you want a healthy and functional body for the rest of your life, you need to supply it with quality fuel and plenty of nutrients. Everyone eats differently but it is important to know that it is good to eat as many whole foods as possible. Semi-finished products containing thirty ingredients or more which you are not familiar with will not feed your body right. Turn the product over that you are buying and read the ingredient. You will be very surprised. A drinking regimen is also very important. At least two litres a day, water is the best option. Add lemon, lime, mint and you have a delicious homemade lemonade.

3) Movement is a privilege

Can you move? Yes? In that case, you are a very lucky person. Not everyone has this privilege, you should appreciate it. Find activities you enjoy. It can be anything - walking, yoga, running, gym, team sports, swimming.. anything really. You can also switch your favorite activities according to your options. The main thing is you must enjoy it. During physical activity, we release the happy hormone  - endorphine. It is due to this that sporting activities are relaxing for many people. And burning calories and getting into shape is an added extra. 



4) Sleep

A very important part of a healthy lifestyle, but also very underrated. During sleep, our body regenerates, which is a very important process. Everybody requires different sleep amounts, but the average is approximately 7-8 hours. If you are not well rested, you can be restless and confused at work or exercise in the longer term. This can lead to serious psychological problems or injuries. 

5) Stress elimination

This is easy to say but harder to do. Sometimes we are in stressful situations for a while, but now I mean the long-term factors. Think about common things you do in your life and consider if they are good for your mental health or not. If they are not and you are aware of it, this  is the first and very important step to a better life. You can try meditation or start doing things you have really wanted to do, if it is possible. If it is not, you should probably find some expert. It is very important to know, that when you decide to go to a psychologist, it is not a weakness. It shows your strength and you do not need to be ashamed. It will probably change your life for the better. 

6) Mindset is the key

Yes, a familiar cliché. But it is so true and related closely to point 5. It is necessary to realize that only you can create your own reality in your head. You do not affect what happens to you, but it is up to you how you deal with it. Concentrate on yourself, your thoughts. Learn to listen to your body and the signals it gives you. Be nice to yourself and do not punish yourself for every mistake you make. And if you make a mistake, accept it and learn how to work or deal with it. The right mindset will transfer into your daily life more than you think.


So, here are six main points how to get started with a healthy lifestyle. It is not necessary to be strict with food, movement or suddenly be the most positive person in this world. This is not good for your health and is not sustainable in the long term. Day after day you develop healthy habits and, in a while, they will become common place for you. Live life in the here and now and enjoy it to the fullest!