Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET)

Surplus embryos following an IVF or egg donation cycle are a common occurrence at Gynem. This leaves many couples with the option of freezing their embryos for use in future attempts. To freeze and store these embryos safely, we use vitrification technology, which allows us to preserve quality and maintain excellent post-thaw survival rates. 

Within this context, frozen embryo transfer (FET) is exactly what it sounds like: a cryopreserved embryo remaining from an earlier round of treatment is thawed and transferred, as it would be in a normal IVF or egg donation cycle, to the uterus of the patient.

Indeed, if a fresh IVF cycle has failed for you or if you wish to provide your IVF-conceived child with a brother or sister, this approach can serve as an excellent option.

Empirical evidence suggests that frozen embryos retain their viability indefinitely—24 years is the longest an embryo has remained frozen before being transferred and resulting in live birth. So there is no rush to use your preserved embryos until you are ready. And because a frozen embryo can be thawed quickly, FET allows you to wait until the exact moment your doctor determines your body is ready.

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