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We are a family-owned, patient-centred fertility clinic based in Prague, Czech Republic, specialising in IVF, egg and embryo donation, and social freezing. With a team of seasoned fertility experts and state-of-the-art facilities, creating families is our profession.

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Milan Mrázek, MD, PhD, MBA

Dr Mrázek is our head physician and co-founder. Gynem began as a vision he shared with his son and fellow co-founder, Martin, to establish a fertility clinic that provided its clients with reliable, high-calibre services a place where Dr Mrázek could apply expertise garnered over three-plus decades in the study of human fertility. Learn more about Dr Mrázek and others who make Gynem what it is.

Milan Mrázek, MD, PhD, MBA


From the moment we reached out to the team at Gynem we were treated with compassion and dignity. Our coordinator kept excellent communication with us on a range of matters including the developments of our search for an egg donor and the steps that needed to be taken to make our dreams come true....

Alice, UK

We chose to try IVF in Prague after unsuccessfully trying in the UK.  This was a big step for us but we felt it was the right thing for us to do.  There are many IVF centres in Prague so it was difficult to decide which one to choose.  I wrote to a few places but it was Gynem’s response that was...

Amanda, UK
Naamah, USA
Naamah, USA
I read about Gynem in an newspaper article from a couple that went there for IVF treatment and their description of the process was exactly what I was looking for. I also studied information found online about processes and progress for many clinics including in my home country. After sending an...
Ardis, Iceland

I cannot speak more highly of the treatment my partner and I recently received at Gynem. From the very first day that I contacted the clinic, communication was prompt, clear and comprehensive. This was my first course of IVF treatment and I was nervous and a little unprepared, however our Client...

Julia, UK

We were very satisfied with our experience with Gynem. All of the staff was very professional and we want to thank everybody at Gynem for all the care we received at the clinic and special thanks to our contact Klara who clarify everything for us and make our experience comfortable. We will most...

Eva, Iceland

I wanted to inform you our greatest new of life that we have got our baby birth on 1st June 2019. First of all I wanted to thanks to all Gynem team for helping us in best professional way possible to have this important day in our life.

As my first contact at Gynem was yourself starting from all...

Aisha, Pakistan

I would just like to say how brilliant Gynem fertility clinic is, we had our first IVF treatment with them and I am currently pregnant. I was a little apprehensive about going abroad at first but I needn’t have been the clinic made it so easy for us and reassured us all the way I would not hesitate...

Jade, England

We are now in our third attempt after two unsuccessful attempts. On all occasions, we were treated well by the clinic. All communication, visits to the clinic went without hiccups. The staff is very friendly and helpful. All good!
The clinic is conveniently located close to Prague city centre. It...

Naomi, England

At GYNEM in Prague we received clearer medical advice and better medical care than at clinics in other parts of the world. GYNEM has top processes in place.
Dr Milan Mrazek, Dr Tomas Rieger and Jana Poupe always gave us very clear information and advice which instilled confidence in us. They are...

Melanie, England

Dr. Mrazek and his team are friendly and knowledgeable without being condescending. Always there when you need them, with helpful answers and advise, ready to go the extra mile. I loved when Dr. Rieger, the embryologist, gave me regular updates on my embryos during a pre-Christmas weekend....

Michelle, England

Blog & News

May 2020

If you’re trying to conceive – could acupuncture help?

If you’re trying to conceive, it’s good to be proactive in your efforts to conceive. Sometimes the artificial insemination process has to be supported with all possible means. One of these is acupuncture, which strengthens the immunity, improves blood flow, regulates the hormones, and reduces stress, which can have a highly negative impact on women when they are preparing for artificial insemination.

If you’re trying to conceive – could acupuncture help?
May 2020

IVF is an immense challenge. Or is it?

At first glance, IVF, or in vitro fertilisation, doesn’t seem a complicated process; eggs are removed from the body (or from the donor), fertilised in the laboratory, then returned to the uterus, which in the majority of cases completes the process. So what’s so demanding about that? The number of horror stories on online forums has terrified many people and discouraged them from seeking treatment, describing the process as very exhausting, particularly for women. Even though it is true that IVF is, in a sense, an immense challenge, one has to look at it from several points of view and find out what can be expected from this much-discussed method.

IVF is an immense challenge. Or is it?
May 2020

5 things you should know before going to the IVF clinic for the first time

Have you been trying to get a baby for some time and are still failing? Some friends advise you not to think about it, others tell you to start discussing with experts. But when is the right time to go to he reproductive clinic? And what if everything is normal with you and only nature takes time? We have prepared key questions for you to answer first and then consider whether it is time to pick up the handset and book your first visit to the IVF clinic.

5 things you should know before going to the IVF clinic for the first time
April 2020

7 SUPERFOODS for fertility and hormones

A healthy lifestyle and whole foods are essential in many aspects of life. And even has an effect on fertility. Let's take a look at 7 foods that promote hormone function and optimal fertility and we should include them in our diet.

Superfoods good for fertility
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