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Psychological Counselling and Support

The GYNEM clinic promotes the psychological well-being of both the woman and her partner throughout the IVF process, as a more resilient psyche and sense of well-being facilitate the course of IVF treatment and increase its success rate.

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When is it appropriate to see a psychologist for infertility treatment?

  • We want to be prepared for infertility treatment, which can be challenging.
  • As a couple, we hardly have any topics other than wanting a child and treatment.
  • When my partner gets a negative pregnancy test, she feels very disappointed and desperate for a few days. As a man, I then feel completely helpless and don't know how to react.
  • I feel the joy of sexuality less and less.
  • The unfulfilled desire for a child and the uncertainty of how it will go further, hinder me in making important decisions in my life.
  • When I meet pregnant women or mothers with babies, I want to cross the street. Family celebrations also weigh me down.
  • We have turned away from our former friends because they already have children.
  • We would like to opt for treatment with donated oocytes or sperm but are unsure whether and how to disclose this information to our future child.

Did you answer yes to one or more of the questions?
Then psychological counselling is for you.

The psychological counselling includes:
  • Prevention of the burden of infertility treatment
  • Emphasis on discovering one's own capabilities, desires and strengths
  • Development of mechanisms for recognising and better understanding stress
  • Working to eliminate personal stressors
  • Finding sources of strength and strategies for coping with stress or anxiety
  • Learning relaxation techniques and harmonisation exercises
  • Linking psychological state and medical treatment of infertility
The aim of psychological counselling is to provide all-round psychological support and to find ways of coping with obstacles.

Psychological Counselling and Support

The desire to have a child of your own is something natural and self-evident. An unfulfilled desire for a child can have negative effects on the human psyche, which are compounded by the physically and mentally demanding infertility treatment. Milder manifestations can include worry, stress and anxiety. These emotions can easily escalate into feelings of hopelessness and doubt, distorting the image of oneself as a woman, as a man and as a couple, to the point where other people or activities in life become meaningless.


Just talking about the subject of infertility or being surrounded by people who have children of their own can be emotionally taxing. On the other hand, a great inner strength plays an important role in the success of treatment as it affects couples both physically and mentally.


Sometimes there may be situations where partners undergoing infertility treatment may not have enough support from their immediate social environment or other safety net. This is also why professional psychological counselling is helpful. An empathetic guide through a challenging stage of life can help you regain stability and confidence in yourself and in the couple as a whole.

Clients of the Gynem clinic have the opportunity to consult with a specialist about all their worries, insecurities and solve other obstacles that may appear on the way to the much-desired child.

Within the framework of psychological counselling, we develop key topics that arise for couples during infertility treatment.
  • Desire for a child - individual motives, hopes and fears
  • Coping - coping with difficult situations and stress during treatment, for example coping with waiting for the pregnancy test result
  • Relaxation techniques - progressive muscle relaxation (PMR), autogenic training (AT), mindfulness, acupuncture
  • Self-support - confidence in oneself during treatment
  • Couple support - understanding the difference in partners' ideas
  • Intimacy, sexuality - enabling an open communication
  • Coping with emotions - depression, anxiety, fear, anger, jealousy - e.g. in case of a negative pregnancy test or miscarriage

Mental Health Care Bundle

4x 50 min of Psychological Counselling


Price: 350 EUR

One consultation with a psychologist

Price: 100 EUR

Example of a bundle with 4 sessions:
  1. You will learn about the process of psychological counselling. We will focus on your key topics. Then you will learn how to prepare for possible obstacles during treatment and how to start actively overcoming them.
  2. The next appointment may be before the treatment starts or a few days before egg retrieval or embryo transfer. Its content is adapted to your situation and the progress of the treatment.
  3. Usually after embryo transfer or while waiting for the result of a pregnancy test (hCG). This is one of the most challenging phases and therefore support at this time is crucial.
  4. According to the individual needs of the couple, for example after a pregnancy test (hCG). Preparation for the following steps and treatment phase.

We recommend that you arrange an initial consultation with a psychologist before you start treatment, for example, after a consultation with your doctor. Consultations with a psychologist can take place either in person, online or in combination. We recommend at least four sessions. Depending on the arrangement with the psychologist and your individual requirements, the sessions can be adapted.

Mgr. Adriana Tomešová

Psychologist and coordinator

My name is Adriana Tomešová and I work as a psychologist offering support for clients at the Gynem clinic. In counselling, I take a communicative, creative and, above all, non-judgemental approach. I believe that everyone has the inner strength to overcome a difficult period, and my job is to help clients find confidence in the entire treatment process and within themselves. Based on my experience as a coordinator, I am also an informed guide regarding infertility treatment. Counselling can be conducted in Czech, English or German. In addition to my work as a psychologist, I keep abreast of the latest developments in psychotherapy to help me progress in a field which continues to fascinate and inspire me.

  • She graduated from the Master's degree in Psychology at the Faculty of Science of Charles University
  • She works as a psychologist at the GYNEM Reproductive Clinic and is also a coordinator of foreign clients
  • Adriana works as a psychological counsellor for Charles University students at the Hybernská Counselling Centre
  • She participates in the therapeutic training ODYSSEA - international institute in CBT - cognitive behavioural therapy


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