Laboratory Techniques

Beyond the standard lab practices that form the core of IVF protocols lies an arsenal of supplementary techniques. While ancillary, these can yet be telling in the final outcome of fertility treatment and can markedly enhance the processes of sperm retrieval and selection, fertilisation, embryo culture and transfer, and cryopreservation. Here is a brief overview of the techniques our lab can put to work for you.

  • Embryoscope®


    A modern incubation system that allows for uninterrupted embryo culture and provides detailed data on each embryo to help embryologists choose the best one for transfer.

  • ICSI


    A method of fertilisation in which an individual, morphologically-sound sperm is injected into the egg directly.



    A modification of ICSI in which a sperm featuring a hyaluronan-specific receptor—a reliable indicator of health—is injected directly into the egg.

  • IMSI


    A procedure for revealing structures in the head of sperm known as vacuoles, whose size directly correlates with embryonic development.


  • MACS


    A procedure for segregating apoptotic sperm from healthier members of the population.

  • Fertile®


    A patented tool that harnesses the science of microfluidics to identify and isolate high-quality sperm.

  • LAH


    A procedure that facilitates embryo hatching and successful implantation by safely removing the outer shell of the blastocyst.

  • Embryoglue®


    An implantation-enhancing agent containing quantities of recombinant human albumin and hyaluronic acid, which aid in healthy embryonic development.

  • Embryogen®


    A culture medium that contains natural growth factors to help stimulate a positive immune response after transfer and create a uterine-like environment for culture.

  • Vitrification


    A ‘fast-freeze’ cryopreservation method that uses liquid nitrogen to quickly and safely lower the temperature of eggs and embryos for storage.

  • Gavi®


    An automated form of vitrification technology that consistently yields superior results in post-thaw survival and preserving egg and embryo quality.

  • Genetic testing

    Genetic testing

    Methods for detecting genetic anomalies within embryos, so that one free from defects may be chosen for transfer.


    Mesa & Tese

    Two surgical procedures for the retrieval of sperm in cases of obstructive and non-obstructive azoospermia.

  • FET


    The thawing and transfer of cryopreserved embryos remaining from a previous IVF or egg donation cycle.

  • Blastocyst Stage

    Blastocyst Stage

    A phase of embryonic development favourable to implantation and therefore very important to embryo culture.

  • Optimised Lab Package

    Optimised Laboratory Package

    An expanded and synergistic blend of lab techniques tailor-made for you and your partner.

  • Spindle observation system

    Spindle observation system

    An observational technique used to assess and track the development of oocytes through to maturation in order to pinpoint the most optimal moment for fertilization. 


  • SpermMobil


    A super substance that puts motionless sperm into hyperdrive so that, upon starting ICSI treatment, no healthy sperm goes undetected.


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