The calibre and success of a business are best measured by the opinions of the people it serves. Learn what our past and present clients have to say about us.
  • Alice

    From the moment we reached out to the team at Gynem we were treated with compassion and dignity. Our coordinator kept excellent communication with us on a range of matters including the developments of our search for an egg donor and the steps that needed to be taken to make our dreams come true. In less than a year of contacting Gynem we welcomed our beautiful twins to the world and started our life as a family. We are deliriously happy and eternally grateful to all the amazing staff at Gynem! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! 

    July 2020
  • Amanda

    We chose to try IVF in Prague after unsuccessfully trying in the UK.  This was a big step for us but we felt it was the right thing for us to do.  There are many IVF centres in Prague so it was difficult to decide which one to choose.  I wrote to a few places but it was Gynem’s response that was the most informative and that is why we chose them for our treatment.

    As soon as this decision was made, Gynem gave us clear guidelines and instructions as to how the procedure works and what would be required for us.  We were opting for the donor programme, which was new to us but they explained everything.  Upon completing our registration, we flew out for a consultation (although you can do this over skype) and they arranged for a taxi to collect us at the airport.  It all seemed easy, the flight was less than 2 hours and the taxi was waiting for us upon arrival. 

    The clinic was very clean and the receptionist gave us a warm welcome.  Linda was our Client representative and who had given us all the excellent information before we arrived and she was there to meet us upon arrival.  We then met with the Dr who took us through the programme and also carried out any necessary tests and examinations.  This was very straight forward and there were no issues with language barriers, all of which made the whole thing very reassuring and we knew we had made the right decision and chosen the right clinic.

    We returned to the UK and I was given my medication and the procedure for the donor programme was put in place.  The whole procedure takes about 2-3 months as cycles need to be synchronised but again this was thoroughly explained and I was advised when to take my medication throughout. 

    Upon the month of the transfer, I got a scan done in the UK and sent the results to the clinic and then on egg collection day we flew to Prague so my partner could give a fresh sample (you can do a frozen one if this is difficult).  After this we were given daily updates as to how our embryos were progressing and then about the date/time and details of the transfer.  Again, this was done very well and the information clear and detailed throughout.  Before this, this was the bit we were nervous about when going abroad and about the logistics of it all, but honestly, we had nothing to worry about as the clinic made things so straightforward and easy to follow that in some ways it was easier than doing it in London, where we had our previous treatment. 

    The team who carried out the transfer were excellent, and the facilities absolutely top class and extremely clean.  They made me feel very relaxed and talked me through everything.

    Prague is a beautiful city and that is an added bonus of doing the treatment here as we also got to spend some time here.  However, what was more apparent was the care that the staff show and the help and reassurance they give throughout the whole experience. Did we make the right decision? Without a shadow of a doubt and whatever the future holds I would always recommend Gynem to people and am so delighted that we had our treatment with them. 

    April 2020
  • Michelle

    We decided to try Gynem clinic in Prague following a bad experience with our first NHS fertility cycle in Ireland where we felt we were just a number and there was no real feedback or any information given as to why the cycle failed.  Once we began to do some research about private treatment we realised that it was a lot more affordable abroad.  We spent a number of months researching and comparing clinics and finally decided on Gynem.  We have not been disappointed.

    The clinic is on the outskirts of the city but is easily accessible by public transport.  The clinic provides a taxi to pick you up at the airport and transport you to the clinic for the first visit.  This eases some of the worry of finding your way about in a strange city.  On arrival the reception area and clinic is bright, spotlessly clean, relaxed and very welcoming.  There is free coffee and water available in the reception area which is a lovely touch.  All the staff we encountered were friendly, professional and approachable.  Nothing is too much trouble.  Quite a few of the staff speak good English; however for those that don't there is always a co-ordinator available to help and we had no problems at all communicating with everyone.  

    For our first visit we booked a long weekend break and met with Dr.Milan Mrazek on the Friday for our consultation, although this can also be done by Skype.  He is very knowledgeable and humble and we felt we could ask him anything.  He was very happy to give advice whilst also allowing us to make up our own mind on the way forward.  Unfortunately our first cycle turned out to be a little stressful due to the discovery of an endometrial polyp just a couple of days prior to starting stimulation's and going over to Prague.  The clinic were so quick to help however and they had a meeting among the doctors to decide the best way to proceed in our case.  We proceeded with a freeze all cycle but sadly this did not work out and our 2 embryos deteriorated on day 4.  

    We returned home and arranged a skype follow up the following week with Dr Vlcek who had performed my egg collection etc.  The wonders of modern technology - we were able to sit in our kitchen and ask the doctor our long list of questions!  We found this follow up so helpful and felt very well informed when it was complete, nothing was left unanswered.  As with Dr Mrazek, Dr Vlcek made us feel he had lots of time to talk to us and we didn't feel rushed at any time.  We decided to take a few months to think about our options and save up for our next round.  

    We have just returned home from our 2nd round of treatment with Gynem and this time things have gone a lot better.  We made it to embryo transfer this time and have 5 embryos frozen which we are delighted with.  We are currently in the 2ww so don't know the outcome yet, but i would have no hesitation in recommending Gynem.  Their professionalism and relentless commitment to the patients is excellent.  They are so patient and kind at all times and you really feel like you are receiving personalized treatment.

    As an international patient you are assigned a co-ordinator who keeps you up to date by email and/or phone.  This really is so valuable.  Linda was our co-ordinator and is the most positive, friendly and professional person I could have wished to deal with. The updates are generally quite fast apart from holiday times when there was a bit of a delay, but this is understandable.  Linda always answered all my queries, and there were a lot of them!  Whenever i was in a panic or worried about something she always reassured me.  She even gave us advice on where to visit, restaurants etc in Prague.  Having someone personal to deal with your case is so reassuring.  Linda arranged for Michaela to meet us on the day of embryo transfer in her absence, and she was also lovely.  She was so friendly and helpful and almost as excited about our embryos as we were!  


    A quick note about Prague - although we were not really in Prague for a holiday, over our 3 visits we did get to know the city quite well.  There is plenty to do and an endless choice of restaurants/attractions to visit.  The buildings really are beautiful.  My advice is to master the metro and trams - we did find it a bit daunting to start with but once you get the hang of it, its a great way to get about and so cheap.  Our first visit we stayed in a hotel close to the clinic but this time we stayed closer to the centre in Prague 1 and it was much better.  It is so easy to get to the clinic on public transport there really is no need to stay close to it.  This time we were so close to the metro station and endless restaurants.  We even went to the cinema one night which was just across the road.

    If you are thinking of choosing Gynem i can honestly say you wont regret it - they run a very professional and efficient service and make everyone feel very welcome.

    March 2020
  • Marie

    We would like to thank the Gynem Clinic team for all the hard work they did while helping us to achieve our goal.

    Our coordinator, Linda Sywalová, was very kind, polite and attentive to all our needs. She managed to answer all our questions, keeping us up to date, even though we have been in a different country. She helped us with transport when we arrived. Linda was helping us with the treatment process: giving us instructions, helping with translation, coordinating every step. She always was patient, even when we were asking her the same questions. 

    Milan Mrázek was taking care of our treatment. He answered all our questions, explained every step. The doctor took our case with a big interest. We are very picky when it comes to choosing our medics. After our first meeting, we were sure that this Doctor can help us. Doctor Mrázek chose wisely medication for us, explained the process. He personally took care of the egg retrieval. He was very polite and kind.

    Doctor Luboš Vlček did an amazing job with embryo transfer. He also explained every step. He made everything for me to feel safe. The transfer was not painful at all, very fast and professional. He made everything possible for me to overcome OHSS symptoms as easy as possible. 

    I would like to thank again every member of the team. Nurse Lucie Čadová for taking my blood tests even if it was quite a challenge. Thanks to Tomas Rieger and Simona Jiříček Hasalová explaining to us embryo development and helping to make the best choices. Thanks to all members of the laboratory team. taking care of our precious 5AA embryo. Thanks to Doctor Lucie Zahradníková helping us with the ultrasound and helping us dealing with OHSS.

    I hope this feedback will help you to choose this clinic, especially the people we mentioned.


    March 2020
  • Ardis
    I read about Gynem in an newspaper article from a couple that went there for IVF treatment and their description of the process was exactly what I was looking for. I also studied information found online about processes and progress for many clinics including in my home country. After sending an email and getting very fast reply with good information we decided to go to Prague for an IVF.
    I felt very secure going through the process there for the first time. I got all information needed when I needed them, communications were great and we felt everyone treated us with respect and that they really cared for us, our feelings, letting us know what was normal and encouraged us. So now we wait for the results but we could not have picked a better place for us to go through this process
    February 2020
  • Naamah
    February 2020
  • Naamah
    February 2020
  • Julia

    I cannot speak more highly of the treatment my partner and I recently received at Gynem. From the very first day that I contacted the clinic, communication was prompt, clear and comprehensive. This was my first course of IVF treatment and I was nervous and a little unprepared, however our Client Representative, Linda, eased my mind through every step with kindness and professionalism. Despite my treatment commencing over the new year period, communication from the clinic was seamless and there was always someone up to speed on my case file to answer questions if Linda wasn't available. I underwent natural IVF using my own eggs and my partners sperm. The clinic offers a number of additional services to aid in the IVF process which had not been presented to me by UK clinics. We opted for EmbryoScope and Embryo Glue as added extras. From start to finish, we were made to feel like our case was individual and a priority, rather than being slotted into a 'one size fits all' approach. All of the treatments were delivered with great care from the doctors and nurses. On the day of embryo transfer, my Mum was allowed to come into the theatre and we watched as the Embryologist triumphantly presented our blastocyst on big screen before the doctor made the transfer. The theatre was so quiet you could've heard a pin drop! A very special moment. We stayed in Prague for 11 nights during treatment, renting an apartment where we could cook meals and relax in peace, returning home two days following transfer. Prague is a beautiful city with much to see and do. It became a home from home for us. Undergoing medical treatment abroad is a daunting concept, especially when the stakes are so high, but from Gynem you really will receive the best care available.  


    January 2020
  • Kate

    My experience with Gynem was personal and easy. Everything was explained clearly, and I never felt like I couldn't ask a question (and I asked about 100 questions!!). Linda, our international coordinator, was nothing short of amazing. She was there every step of the way to ensure we had a great experience. We spoke with a couple of doctors and embryologists throughout the process, and everyone was respectful and caring. Our results exceeded our expectations, and we couldn't be happier with our first experience in IVF! I have already recommended Gynem to a friend, and I would happily recommend them to others!

    A couple of side notes that I would like to share with you: 

    • Linda is seriously a great host, and we think she deserves an award. I sent her so many emails, with multiple questions each time, along with a few phone calls, frantic worries, etc. Never once was she short with me or made me feel like my questions were stupid. Everything was important to her, and that made us feel safe and valued. A big thank you to Linda for all of her help! 

    • It would be nice to have a small guide of areas that are great for staying in, should they choose not to go with the accommodation you offer. Close to the city, but can easily get to the clinic using public transport.

    November 2019
  • Abigail

    Thank you very much for all your help over the last 8 months. It feels like its been a long journey to get here, and the transfer has finally arrived! You have been a wonderful support - attentive, patient, supportive and quick to answer to all my questions. You are the reason we chose this clinic! Thank you! Your grasp of English is superb and you have made this experience seemless even with the language barrier.

    October 2019
  • Elisabeth

    Gynem in Prague, 6300 euro comfort package with optimal package with ICSI, PICSI, IMSI, etc, sperm freezing for 1 year, Embryoscope, assisted hatching embryo glue, they choose which ones they use based on the needs of the eggs+sperm=embryo, the donor was anonymous but we were told her age, weight, height, hair and eye color, blood group. All went very fast and smooth, we had english speaking contact person whom replied to all our questions, always. It took a bit long to find the 1 donor as it was august and holidays everywhere, top 5 weeks, than we refused as I did not like her, but the 2 they found her in a matter of few days and I loved her, 21 years old, proven donor with 5aa eggs. She had the protocol and had 13 eggs, 9 fertilized, 6 made it to day 5, all 5aa, but 2 were already morula on day 3 and 4, they hatched so only glue was used. The clinic was amazed, they never saw before such perfect embryos. They arrange taxi from airport, back, help with finding accomodation, anything you need. You can go 2x for 1 day, 1x time we had check up, blood, my husband left his samples, gave me medication, 2x time is the transfer and you can also go 1x for about 5-6 days, on day 10 of protocol, they check your lining and your partner gives his sample fresh, day 5 of your stay will be the transfer, medication is posted to you in this case. You can have fresh cycle. They explain everything. Freezing of remaining embryos is 400-600 euros. Very pleasant place, very nice people, took really good care of us. Good luck!

    August 2019
  • Eva

    We were very satisfied with our experience with Gynem. All of the staff was very professional and we want to thank everybody at Gynem for all the care we received at the clinic and special thanks to our contact Klara who clarify everything for us and make our experience comfortable. We will most definitely recommend Gynem to everybody.

    July 2019
  • Aisha

    I wanted to inform you our greatest new of life that we have got our baby birth on 1st June 2019. First of all I wanted to thanks to all Gynem team for helping us in best professional way possible to have this important day in our life.

    As my first contact at Gynem was yourself starting from all details of IVF treatment, steps, visa arrangement for my wife. I can say that you are most efficient and responsible person who made this all management possible and responded to my all emails queries with real responsibility as professional.  The most important is that costs that you informed in 2017 were same even in 2018 as special favour for us.

    We really felt like home by having the treatment at Gynem and all team doctors, nurses, embryologist everyone has really had a great skill matchable to any world class clinic with most modern techniques and we are witness to its success by having our baby (Boy thanks to God). The greatest dream of our life. I will send you his picture separately.

    I am really thankful to my God first and then to Gynem team who made this all possible. My heartiest regards and prayers for your all team. Thanks gain, really love you all guys.

    June 2019
  • Anon

    We have had a great experience with Gynem Fertility Clinic and Medical travel Czech Republic. The process was much easier than we expected thanks to our co-ordinator Janina, she was very nice and helpful and made our stay in Prague so much less stressful, she even ordered our taxis to and from the clinic for us! The Gynem staff were nice and friendly and spoke good English too. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend gynem and medical travel to anyone thinking of travelling to Prague for IVF treatment.

    December 2018
  • Amanda

    At 37 years old I had one failed attempt of IVF in Edinburgh & two miscarriages from natural conception. From this process I was informed I had low AMH and my best chance of falling pregnant would be to use a donor egg. However as I already have a daughter I was not eligible to join the UK waiting list for a donor & could only have the treatment here if I knew someone willing to donate their eggs. I thought I’d run out of options. Unknown to me at the time my cousin & his fiancé who had had 6 miscarriages had researched all the fertility clinics in Europe & had attended Gynem & were 5 months pregnant with twins using an egg donor when they visited me just after my miscarriage. They spoke so highly of Jana, the clinic & the process that I reached out & emailed Jana to discuss options.

    I forwarded my paperwork from here & refreshed some of my tests & after a Skype consultation with Dr Mrazek, Jana sent me donor options to choose from and medications to take. I had to google translate some of the mediations as they were received in Czech but this was a small thing. Jana was so very reassuring & answered all my questions so promptly. I was worried about booking flights so last minute but Jana booked my airport transfers & it all worked out perfectly.

    When attending the clinic I found it to be everything my cousins described, new, fresh, welcoming. The staff were lovely & had great English. The embryologist was very informative. The transfer was quick & again the staff seemed caring & helpful.

    I am now 9 weeks pregnant & cannot wait to meet this little baby who is making me so reassuringly sick! If something happens and we do not reach 9 months, the embryologists at Gynem have 6 frozen embryos for me to try again (I had no frozen options from the UK).

    Comparing the process, drugs used & success rates (& actually cost) I would recommend any couple seeking fertility treatment to come to Gynem rather than the UK. I had asked my UK fertility clinic about using immunosuppressants & they had said no. In the UK I was never offered embryo glue….I used this in Prague & feel this has helped. Gynem seem to have a much more sophisticated process & the success rates were proof enough for me. Already my best friend is hoping to visit Gynem this year to pursue her dream baby.

    A massive thank you to all involved xxx

    January 2018
  • Jade

    I would just like to say how brilliant Gynem fertility clinic is, we had our first IVF treatment with them and I am currently pregnant. I was a little apprehensive about going abroad at first but I needn’t have been the clinic made it so easy for us and reassured us all the way I would not hesitate to use them again and couldn’t fault them, especially Jana she was amazing and would like to thank her for all her help. I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone who is wanting to have IVF.

    January 2018
  • Penny

    We have found the whole experience at gymem absolutely amazing. Responses to emails are always prompt and having a personal international rep has meant we can have continuity along the journey.  I don’t know when Martina gets to sleep …. she was even texting after midnight the day we arrived to check we reached safely after the plane had been delayed by a few hours arriving at the hotel at 3am.  Having airport transfers organised by the clinic made the whole experience of travelling very stress free. The pre treatment tests are cheaper and much more thorough than in the uk, I felt like I had had a full MOT! So we have returned to the UK with 2 grade 1 embryos on board and hoping to cuddle at least one of them in 9 months time. Praying hard.”The only thing that could have been better (not for the website just for the clinic) is …. it would have been good to have had the suggestion of embryo hatching mentioned over the phone during the days after fertilisation while we were waiting for transfer. In that way we would have had an opportunity to read up about it and decide as a couple rather than make a rushed decision, alone on the day of transfer. Having since read up about the procedure it sounds like it might have been a good idea given my age. This comment is not a Critisism but just an observation that might be helpful in advising other patients.

    We really are greatful for all your help Martina and for your attention to detail. We will definitely be recommending your clinic. Hopefully, I will have some good news to report in 11 days. Take care!

    December 2017
  • Judy

    My experience with Gynem:
    I contacted Gynem in January 2017 after my failed cycle in the UK. They responded very promptly and assigned me to a coordinator called Michaela. Michaela was very nice and friendly and responded to all of my e-mails within a few hours, she even responded on Sundays and evenings outside of the official opening hours – excellent service in my opinion! Michaela was very helpful throughout the entire process and kept me up to date. I did ask a lot of questions about the process and my treatment protocol and she always responded in a timely manner. My first visit to the clinic was nothing, but pleasant. The staff at the reception desk were helpful and the nurses were very friendly and knowledgeable. I had a scan and consultation with Dr Mrazek on day 8 of my protocol and I found Dr Mrazek to be a real expert in his field. He was very polite and understanding, a really pleasant man to deal with. When I walked out of my consultation, I felt a mixture of emotions. I was happy because Dr Mrazek has identified an underlying health issue that has been missed / ignored by both the National Health Service and private fertility clinics in the UK / England. I was happy that he had a solution and offered to help. On the other hand, I was very disappointed that the National Health Service and private clinics in England have failed to diagnose me despite doing a number of scans / tests throughout 2016. I was disappointed that my UK clinic would have happily taken another £6,000 from me knowing that my treatment would fail! This is why I believe that Dr Mrazek is a real expert, he cares about you and your health and wants to ensure that your IVF journey is successful. I honestly love this man for helping me feel normal again! Words cannot describe how grateful I am for all of his help, I will forever be grateful!

    When it comes to the IVF journey, I can only describe this as very pleasant. I was kept informed throughout the process and the staff made sure that I was comfortable with everything. The embryologist was also very helpful and I appreciated the detailed daily updates in respect of my embryos. I also met Dr Bartosova who was very friendly, knowledgeable and made me feel at ease during the embryo transfer process.

    All in all, my experience at Gynem was amazing. I cannot recommend this clinic highly enough!!! This clinic really cares about you and your health, they are NOT money grabbers like some clinics in England and I would recommend them to anyone that is currently thinking about starting their IVF journey.

    March 2017
  • Tordis

    I have to say that my husband and I are so happy that we decided to have our trial at Gynem. We have a 2 year old girl after embryo donation /egg donation in Greece. In January we tried for a sibling at the same clinic but it did not turn out positive. We decided to try in Tjekkia and Gynem. We have been more than pleased with the service and the quick response from our lovely coordinator Petra. She took so good care of me when I came to the clinic in late October. My husband stayed at home with our daughter and I travelled alone. I was very nervous but Petra understand that and calmed me down and was so sweet. Gynem arranged with transport from the airport and it made the trip from Norway to Prague was very easy. I have just had a very early positive pregnancy test. It is still early but I hope my frozen blastocysts will give me a baby next summer. We are so grateful!

    December 2016
  • Simona

    We really appreciate the seriousness and honesty of all the clinic staff,and for sure our opinion is a very good one regarding all of you. Alena a special thanks for your patience, support, and your accurate updates. Last but not least your warm smiles during our important moments shared at the clinic are the human side very unique in this particular experience… so many thanks again.

    December 2016
  • Sophie

    I would like to say that from start to end I have received excellent service. All the staff at the clinic have been very friendly and helpful. Jana especially has helped so much and made us feel so comfortable through every step of the way. I always hesitated to go to a different country but the whole journey was so smooth. It only took around 1.5 hours from the UK to get to Czech Republic and Jana arranged airport pickup which was so helpful as we were dropped straight to the clinic. We had no issues with English as Jana and other staff communicated very well. We only had to make two journeys to Czech Republic. The treatment was done very quickly as I requested and no time was wasted. The treatment has been successful for us and we are expecting twins. I can’t thank Gynem Clinic enough for all the kind help and support. I would strongly recommend this clinic to people from the UK.

    December 2016
  • Lucy

    Having previously had an unsuccessful and expensive round of IVF in the UK that left us with no frozen embryos we felt our only option was to save up the £6000 to start the process again until a friend of mine said she had heard a lot of women going to Prague and have successful IVF treatment for a third of the cost we started to research our options.
    Having a speedy response from Gynem clinic and finding their success rates were 47% (compared to 23% at my clinic in the UK) we chose to use them. We were anxious at first going for treatment abroad but I had constant communication and a skype consultation with the physician to put my mind at ease. You are asked for a lot of test results (most of which you can get from your GP – others you can get privately) at the time this seemed a lot to do but I really believe this information is vital to choosing the best drugs protocol for you, I felt in the UK it was one protocol fits all.
    You are then sent all the drugs in the post along with the information how to take them. The only downside is that you can’t always rely on the post and we nearly missed a cycle due to the drugs being late but the clinic arranged for a next day delivery and sent a new batch of drugs and we returned the original once we were in Prague.
    The communication is excellent, you have a lot of contact with your own coordinator if you have any queries you receive a quick response and there is a 24 hour helpline.
    Once we got to Prague the whole process was seamless, they will arrange taxi’s to and from the clinic.
    I also found it great that following egg retrieval I got a daily update as to how the embryo’s were progressing. On the day of transfer you also have a consultation with the embryologist (I didn’t get his with my clinic in the UK). They managed to get 5 top quality blastocysts (I only got 1 grade 2 at day 5 in the UK so really believe the drugs protocol is vital) we had 2 transferred which resulted in a pregnancy, sadly this pregnancy was ectopic. A few months later we returned to Prague for our Frozen Embryo Transfer, 2 blastocysts thawed to a top grade standard so we had them both transferred and I am now 14 weeks pregnant!
    Prague is a beautiful city and a place my husband and I will hold close to our hearts forever.
    he costs are a fraction of the UK and the results are amazing, it seems scary at first to go abroad but the clinic are always there if you have any questions or fears.
    I would highly recommend Gynem Clinic and they have made our dreams come true!

    November 2016
  • Melanie

    At GYNEM in Prague we received clearer medical advice and better medical care than at clinics in other parts of the world. GYNEM has top processes in place.
    Dr Milan Mrazek, Dr Tomas Rieger and Jana Poupe always gave us very clear information and advice which instilled confidence in us. They are kind, helpful and responsive.
    Jana is wonderful and makes you feel as though you are her only patient. Don’t know how she does it!!
    Prague is a safe and beautiful city. The clinic is only 20 mins from the centre.

    November 2016
  • Naomi

    We are now in our third attempt after two unsuccessful attempts. On all occasions, we were treated well by the clinic. All communication, visits to the clinic went without hiccups. The staff is very friendly and helpful. All good!
    The clinic is conveniently located close to Prague city centre. It is modern and clean. We were comfortable during all visits.

    November 2016
  • Haley

    Right from the first contact with Martina I had a good feeling about choosing Gynem for our Fertility treatment. All my emails received quick and informative responses. The doctors were very professional and helpful. The clinic was very modern and immaculate. We had previously had two failed IVF attempts in the UK and only had one fair quality embryo to transfer on each failed attempt. The result from our treatment at Gynem was far better than we could have imagined, resulting in 6 good quality blastocysts. We also had an amazing time in Prague as there were so many things to do to fill our days in between when we had to be at the clinic. The fact that we got to enjoy a holiday at the same time really helped take the stress out of our treatment and I felt so calm throughout the whole process. We are currently waiting to find out if this cycle has worked but whatever the outcome I would definitely use Gynem again and would recommend them to anyone I knew that was considering fertility treatment.

    October 2016
  • Uknown

    The entire experience of the treatment was pleasant!
    First we got in touch with Tereza through mail and she helped us in every step. She was patient and responsive to every query before we visited the clinic. At the clinic, the entire staf was friendly. Especially Veronica (my husband is still smitten over by her smile!!) and Dr. Mrazek. Tereza was again very helpful during our stay, taking care of each and every thing. Even she became our tour guide me Prague. Prague is a great city for vacation. The city absorbs all the stress of treatment that you go. Now I am 12 weeks pregnant!
    I would definitely recommend this to others. We felt they are not behind money and provide professional services.

    October 2016
  • Sarah

    After several miscarriages and discovering that my AMH levels were very low, my partner and I decided that our best option for having a much wanted second child was through egg donation.
    We had been in discussion with a fertility clinic in London about IVF and we learnt that using donor eggs would involve a much longer and complicated process as well as being extremely expensive. So we decided to consider going abroad for the treatment.
    We researched fertility clinics in various European countries and visited some online fertility chat rooms to listen to experiences of others. Gynem in Prague was getting very good feedback and so we arranged an initial consultation by skype.
    The doctor we spoke to had excellent English and answered our questions very knowledgeably and in general we had a very good gut feeling about the clinic. Part of the appeal was that their process was really straight forward; the costs, timelines etc were very clearly laid out as part of their egg donation package. (For the record, Gynem was very competitive on cost compared to other clinics in Europe and the UK).  There was also a very short waiting period prior to starting the treatment unlike at other clinics.
    In the run up to the treatment, we had almost daily contact with Jana Poupe who answered  all of our questions really quickly and helpfully and on the day of the transfer she was extremely supportive and kind. Their premises were very clean and modern and the process of the transfer was seamless. My impression was that Gynem’s facilities in Prague were newer and more sophisticated than the clinic that I had visited in the UK and the published success rate is certainly slightly higher.
    We are currently waiting for the result of the transfer and have frozen some eggs should we not be successful this time. Regardless of the outcome, we would not hesitate to recommend this clinic to others. Travelling outside of the UK for the treatment was absolutely no hassle as everyone spoke English (including the embryologist) and everyone got back to us really quickly when we had questions or queries.

    October 2016
  • Gillian

    I have recently had treatment at Gynem Clinic in Prague from the initial contact, visit and treatment the communication has been excellent.  My co ordinator Martina has always been prompt in her replies and been able to reassure me. The clinic itself is brand new and to a very high standard. I chose the clinic due to waiting times, medication included and location. Although I had a chemical pregnancy I would not hesitate and will use the clinic again in the future.

    September 2016
  • Amir

    Thank you for everything. It was one of the best clinic that i have ever seen and all the people who work there are the best. My wife and me thank all of you.

    September 2016
  • Xue

    We were very much impressed about the clinic and the staff in general. The environment is very clean and serene, doctors and all the nurse/co-ordinators we met were very helpful, patient and understanding, and above all, honest. We really admire the smiling faces you always wore. We’ll definitely recommend Gynem to anyone who wishes to have IVF treatment abroad.

    NB: This is trully from our heart.


    August 2016
  • Sue

    After two failed attempts at IVF in our home country, a colleague introduced me to the idea of travelling to Prague for IVF. Her friend had undergone treatment in Prague and she felt that the experience she had there was a more helpful and informative one than that at home.  After contacting a number of agents for clinics, my husband and I made contact with Medical Travel.  They stood out above the rest for us from the onset.  Both agents that we dealt with throughout the experience – Barbora and Richard – couldn’t have been more helpful or resourceful and were always available to find answers to our queries efficiently and in a timely manner – all this counts when you are going through such a terribly emotional and personal journey.  What won us over was the fact that a Skype call was offered and arranged for us to talk with a member of the medical team at the clinic they liaised with.  This allowed us to relay a lot of the fears and concerns we had about the treatment in advance of any commitment to treatment and it helped to assure us that the decision to undergo treatment abroad was the right choice for us.  When we got to the clinic, Richard personally met with us and facilitated our engagement and interaction with the admin and medical teams.  The experience was as painless and effortless as it could be on our part – given the circumstances.  It also helped to have the process explained to us as we went through each stage.  We attended Gynem Clinic in Prague.  The clinic was a new, purpose built and extremely clean and modern facility with an excellent medical staff team.  Overall, we couldn’t have asked for a better or higher class service than that which we received from Medical Travel and the Gynem Clinic.  I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to recommend Medical Travel to a couple who should find themselves in similar situation to us.  I’d score the service we received 10/10 – top class!

    July 2016
  • Couple from UK
    England Leighton Buzzard

    It was after a year when we realised that we may not be the lucky ones to have a baby naturally, we therefore thought of turning to IVF. Immediately after deciding to go down the route of IVF, it was apparent that it is very stressful task from wh ere, how and who. These are the questions which naturally are very stressful. I contacted several clinics in Spain, India and Czech. The experience from clinics in India was particularly poor with no or very little response. Spain was quite expensive and it was not a good option as IVF in the UK would have cost almost the same. We than contacted Richard via email. He was extremely professional in getting back to us within matter of hours. He explained us the complete process and answered all our questions very carefully and took his time in making sure we were satisfied. After having satisfied we decide to go to GYNEM via Richard. The whole experience was stress free. My wife decided to travel to the clinic for first appointment and had face to face meeting with the doctor and Richard was present all during the process (including airport pickup). The medicine were posted to the UK and it was all very simple on how to use the medicine (with some help from YouTube). And we than arrived for the main process and decided to take a holiday in Prague and have the IVF done. The entire Medical process was very smooth. Perfectly timed. And I must mention that Gynem clinics is way better that our NHS hospitals. Very clean(spotless). Staff speaks English so we didn’t had any communication issue. The doctor , embryologist and nurses did brilliant jobs. We are now expecting our first baby in January 2017 into 3 months of pregnancy. I would like to thank Richard, team at medical travel,doctors and nurses at GYNEM for wonderful work.

    July 2016
  • Elisabeta

    My name i Elisabetta. I am Italian and I live in Norway With my husband Christian who is Norwegian. They say the third time is a charm. It certainly was for me and my husband since I got pregnant thanks to the Third try with egg donation: our litt le angel Adrian was born on the 6th of this month. The most precious gift for us to get for our wedding anniversary. The doctors and nurses, the whole staff at Gynem are superbly qualified and nice and empathic and took great care of us. And the client representative who assisted us gave us the best assistance ever. Great quality and great prices. I definitely recommend Gymen to whoever needs fertility treatments. It’s definitely worth it.

    July 2016
  • Paule and Debra

    After five attempts in the UK our dream is coming true thanks to GYNEM fertility clinic. Although we are miles apart we felt at ease from the start of our journey. It was a good  feeling, very professional yet very friendly, nothing was t o much trouble. All the staff we had contact with were great.  Our co- ordinator was fantastic helping us all the way, easy to contact replying to our questions very quickly we feel we have a friend for life.

    May 2016
  • Clare

    I would highly recommend Gynem clinic.  My husband and I live in Prague but we are both English speakers and so our co-ordinator to book our appointments and to answer any questions we had between appointments.  From the very first communication over email and phone, coordinator was friendly, helpful and supportive and we really felt that she couldn’t do enough for us.  When we went for our appointments there was a lovely warm reception for us and every single receptionist, nurse and doctor that we met were all very professional and caring, we really can’t fault the service they provide.  We felt we weren’t just another couple but that they took an individual approach to our treatment and were extremely thorough in explaining all treatments in detail and answering all of our questions. The positive experience that we had with Gynem made the treatments so straight forward and took away a lot of anxiety and stress that we had been feeling prior to starting with them.  I believe that this relaxed atmosphere helped with our treatment and we are now 13 weeks pregnant!!!

    January 2016
  • Janet

    We would  like to highly recommend Gynem Fertility Clinic –  we are both 42 years old and left it quite late to have a family.  We had two IVF cycles in London and were not impressed.  We did not know how different it could be but we did feel like it was a factory in London  and had no success and no real explanation except that we were too old.  We found Gynem after searching for IVF abroad and got in contact with Jana Poupe who speaks and writes very good English.  We decided to go over to Prague to meet Jana and Dr Mrazek (which you can do though Skype) as we wanted to make sure it felt right. We were very impressed with the clinic and the team are so lovely.  Jana helped us with looking for a hotel and getting us picked up from the airport so you felt you had someone looking after you from the start.     We decided to go ahead with Donor IVF and on our third try we have found out that we are pregnant!  We have received such excellent care and we felt the staff really looked after us and that we were not just a number.  Jana is so lovely and to whom we class as a friend as nothing is too much trouble.  She was always happy to answer any queries we had to put our minds at ease and kept us informed of progress.   Don’t hesitate to look at Gynem if you want a excellent service with wonderful people along with up-to-date facilities.  We also love Prague and will be back to visit :)

    December 2015
  • Evonne

    Excellent clinic, found Doctor Mrazek very professional and helpful and speaks excellent english. The treatment we received from this clinic was excellent and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. Any time we visited the clinic all the staff were very helpful and could not do enough for this, we were never left waiting and the staff always offered us tea, coffee or a drink of water. Doctor Mrazek advised us on the best possible treatment and answered all our questions, we never got this level of service in Ireland, we were constantly being rushed through consultations. Doctor Mrazek even carried out the procedure himself. Unfortunantly our treatment was not successful on this occasion but it was due to no fault of this clinic and we will be returning for more treatment. Jana was our client representative through this whole process and I dont think we could have done it without her. She set up all appointments with the clinic for us and met us at the clinic, organised hotels, taxis and anything else we needed. She was so helpful, pleasant and could not do enough for us. She constantly emailed us and kept in contact, any time I emailed with a question she emailed straight back with an answer. She was an absolute angel to us through out our treatment. We would recommend this clinic 100%. 

    April 2015
  • Mary

    The Gynem clinic is very good, professional and clean and hygienic. The treatment protocol was very good in terms of transportation collection from the airport and from hotel to the clinic. I also appreciated that the staff spoke very good English to help with communication. It was also very useful to be able to receive the preparation medication in England before travel in order to prepare for treatment in addition I appreciated the skype calls with the Doctor and representative which allowed me to ask questions and saved upon additional expense and time having to travel to the clinic prior to treatment. The whole experience was pleasant as the staff were very friendly and helpful and answered my questions promptly. The whole process went smoothly which was good and staff made you feel at ease along with the receipt of a timetable for the prep medication. I would highly recommend the treatment and clinic and I would come back again for further treatment. The only thing that could be improved is the instructions /guidance for post treatment in terms of when to take the medication for what length of time, maybe supplying a calendar schedule and how to go about purchasing additional medication would be useful, but I over came this by communicating with you in order to clarify how long to take the medication for. I would like to add that the whole experience was a positive outcome as we now have a beautiful baby girl. Can you please pass on our gratitude to both yourself and the Doctor and staff as we are so grateful for this. Thank-You so so much. Furthermore, I am planning to try for a second child in September, therefore, can you please help to arrange and coordinate this for us.

    March 2015
  • Natasa

    I was looking for the clinic in Czech Republic and Gynem representative really answered quickly with all the necessary information. The communication was really great and at the initial visit we talked to the doctor who explained everything. The donor selection went smoothly and I started taking the medicine 2 months after the initial visit. We were lucky to get a good number of embryos. The transfer was guick and now we are keeping our fingers crossed.   Communication 9 Friendliness 10 Location / Clinic environment 9 Quality of care 10 Price / Value for Money 9 Overall satisfaction 9

    February 2015
  • Louise

    I would say my treatment at the Gynem clinic has been excellent. Richard has been briliant and Dr Mrazek has been also briliant.Thank you Gynem clinic. Communication 10 Friendliness 10 Location / Clinic environment 10 Quality of ca re 10 Price / Value for Money 10 Overall satisfaction 10.

    February 2015
  • Sonia

    My experience with Medical travel was totally amazing from the start to the end:). Martina was so helpful and helped me all the way through the process. She answered to all my emails and also reassured me so many times. I longed for a baby for alm ost 10 years. I tried many times Ivf, artificial semanation, you name it I tried it. I had alot of heartache, and nearly gave up. Then i came across this website and I see that it made many women fulfill there dreams. The doctors were great there and made me feel so important and not just a number. After trying on the second time I finally got pregnant. I couldn’t believe my eyes. My husband and I were so happy and our hearts full of joy. Now my baby is 10 months old, she is my princess. Our life is now complete.

    February 2015
  • Benjamin

    The communication and advices provided by the Gynem staff has been amazing throuhout the treatment. From the initial email contact and subsequent, countless questions, staff were patient, understanding and more than helpful. All process´ and options were explained in detail. Daily updates kept us informed of every development. The Gynem clinic (Prague) is a modern, comfortable and spotlessly clean facility with professional medical staff and extremely helpful and friendly staff and nurses. Jana was very welcoming and incredibly patient and helpful answering all of my questions. The doctors and staff were professional, caring and very helpful.   Communication 10 Friendliness 10 Location / Clinic environment 10 Quality of care 10 Price / Value for Money 9 Overall satisfaction 10

    January 2015
  • Lesley

    From day 1 of getting in touch with Gynem we felt very comfortable, they are very helpful in every aspect. Our experience was fantastic and being in prague was fabulous, such a beautiful place. The whole team at Gynem were so friendly and professional. I recommend Gynem to anyone wanting that personal touch.

    September 2014
  • Laura

    I was nervous about undergoing fertility treatment in another country. From the initial enquiry I received prompt feedback to all questions and had a Skype consultation with the doctor which was really helpful. We were matched up quickly to a suitable donor & received all medication in the post. Any questions I had were responded to by the representative, Martina, in a timely manner. Anything she didn’t know & needed medical input she took away and got the right answers. When the time came to go to Prague we were picked up at the airport & taken to our hotel which was great being in a strange city! Martina collected us at the hotel the next day to go to the clinic. Very impressed with the facility itself – brand new & pristine! This was another worry before we got there but we were reassured once we saw it. We met with Dr Mrazek at the clinic & he was extremely nice. We also met the embryologist who gave us an overview of the blood test results they had taken from my husband. All the staff speak good English so there wasn’t a communication issue. We returned home & Martina kept me up-to-speed with how the fertilisation process was going & we had 2 good blastocysts for transfer & 2 to freeze which we were delighted with! The transfer took place 5 days later & I flew home the next day. It was a difficult decision to make to proceed with an egg donor due to failed ivf cycles with my own eggs but I wanted to have a child & felt this was the best opportunity for us. I am currently in the 2 week wait & feel confident & hopeful that it will work. I would recommend anyone in a similar situation to do this, the service was excellent & the staff efficient & knowledgeable. Thank you to all involved in the program.

    January 2014
  • Kims

    I can honestly say that working with Medical Travel has been an amazing experience.

    We were hesitant and constantly worried about whether we were making the right decision but Jana was so patient to answer all our questions and reassure us through the whole process. Finally everything just fell so perfectly into place. Once we arrived the doctors and nurses were so kind and supportive. We are so thankful that we chose to go with them.

    For what it is worth we are also so thankful that we were able to spend the time in the beautiful city of Prague as well. We enjoyed looking around and shopping in between appointments. We are so thankful for the experience. It can be a really difficult choice to travel for medical treatment and it’s hard to be completely sure if everything will be ok, but we don’t regret using Medical Travel at all and completely give all our thanks to all the team.

    December 2013
  • Michelle

    Dr. Mrazek and his team are friendly and knowledgeable without being condescending. Always there when you need them, with helpful answers and advise, ready to go the extra mile. I loved when Dr. Rieger, the embryologist, gave me regular updates on my embryos during a pre-Christmas weekend.Facilities are modern, comfortable and clean. All in all very positive experience

    December 2013
  • Charlotte

    From before we contacted Medical Travel / GYNEM we did some research on the web. We would go for the egg donation programme, and it was important for us to have a donor of Caucasian / Nordic appearance. It is due to law not legal with egg donation where we from. We found Czech Republic and Prague as a nice place to go, with nice people, and descent prices. I had been to Prague several times and knew the country. Medical Travel was chosen due to a full programme package with pickup and nice facilities with experienced doctor.

    We have really a good experience from using Medical Travel as IVF donation programme. We were contacted by telephone only minutes after filling in the contact scheme, and we were set up for a Skype consultation with the doctor when it suited us.

    We then agreed to go further with this. Blood tests and pre-examination were done home by GP and gynaecologists. The donor was found very quickly. The menstrual cycle had to become synchronized, so she got some medics for this by the GP. Then the medicines for preparation of uterus came by post, and she started to take these as prescribed. Due to small bleedings there was done some adjustment in dose.

    She had a check-up by gynaecologist short time before we went to Prague. It took some time before we knew when to arrive Prague, so ordering tickets was not so easy, and was done just few days before we needed to be there. Fortunately we got tickets, but travelling such a long distance, and in winter time may become problematic. We were picked up by mini-bus at the airport and driven to the hotel in city-centre. Morning after we were picked up at the hotel and taken to the clinic, about 20 min from centre.

    The clinic is perfectly new, modern, looks great and seems to be very nice equipped.

    Semen collection was done and information was given. Egg was retrieved from donor and for now we had to wait 6 days until blastocysts were ready. It was 6 days with waiting and medication. But there were time for looking around in Prague as well. After waiting we went back for insertion of blastocysts, this was quite quickly done, and then we went straight back to the airport to go home.

    Pros +: Nice country, people and clinic. Good contact with client representative, good English written and spoken. Positive pregnancy test after first trial.

    To improve: – Egg donor should after our opinion been younger (under age 30).  (Did she have children from before?) -Medication sent without any information, no files or instructions. (Previously when we tried IVF we got a nice file with a lot of information). We got no info about semen collection. Fortunately we knew about this from before.

    Conclusion: We will with good feelings recommend this clinic for other couples in Europe. If the pregnancy doesn’t last, we will for sure go back to the same clinic. 

    November 2013
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