Acupuncture is a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine that uses hair-thin, surgically sterilized needles to stimulate specific energy pathways in the body. Clinical and laboratory studies have shown that acupuncture affects the central and peripheral nervous systems. Precisely placed needles trigger the brain to release endorphins that help to moderate the stress response and help to balance hormone levels in the body.



Nathan Billings - Acupuncturist

Nathan was born in Michigan, USA, but did his training at the Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine. He was practicing in San Francisco, before moving to Europe nine years ago. He has been helping couples for years during their IVF process and is happy to join the team at Gynem.


How does acupuncture before and after embryo transfer work?

When I first meet the client I like to find out if they have had any experiences with acupuncture in the past. I try to give them a sense of what it feels like and always let them know that if any of the points don’t feel good then please let me know and I’ll promptly change them. I remain quietly by the client’s side the whole time so if a particular point doesn’t feel right, I can quickly change it.

Acupuncture releases endorphins in the body so for most people it’s a pleasant experience that decreases stress hormones in the body.

There is not a long initial consultation as to what points I will use as I usually use the same acupuncture point protocol that has been clinically studied for acupuncture done on the day of transfer. The points used before the transfer are different from the points I use after the transfer.

Once I insert the needles they are retained for 20 to 25 minutes. There is one treatment before transfer and one after. I don’t think there have been studies, but I have been told from some women that transfer was more comfortable after having acupuncture.

Acupuncture is a safe therapy before and after pregnancy.




Before & after embryo transfer sessions included

Price €150

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5 unsuccessful IVFs led us to Gynem Clinic. Both my husband and I are 46 yrs. old, and left it too late to start a family; assuming we had all the time in the world and that since we led an active heathy life, making babies would not be an issue.


We started trying approx. 8yrs ago, living in...

Nicola, Dubai

My husband and I had a wonderful experience with Gynem after several failed IVF attempts in the UK. We had started to feel really disheartened with the clinic we were using in the UK - every time we went in, it was really all about the money - not advice or kindness. They also hugely overcharged...

Susie, UK

We never contemplated getting treatment abroad because we thought it would be so stressful and had so many 'what ifs' in our minds. We already had one failed treatment 4 years ago in the UK and was progressing with another treatment. (It took us a long time to mentally cover from the first...

Ramona, UK

In regards to feedback, I have no words to describe the whole support we received from you and Linda. 
Thanks to you and Linda the whole process was much easier, all the explanations and support during our visits in the clinic meant a lot to us.
But also the communication with you, while we were...

Renata and Ojas, UK

Our experience with Gynem has been beyond good. This was our first experience with fertility treatment. Our coordinator, Linda, has always been ready to answer all our questions, and she made the process feel safe, understandable and as easy as possible. We give our best recommendations to Gynem! 

Mie and Klaus, UK

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Linda and to all of the team at Gynem for helping us to achieve our dream. We have had a wonderful experience and were continually impressed by the smooth, organised and professional approach demonstrated by all staff, including those on reception,...

Wendy and Ryan, UK

We would like to express our immense gratitude to Linda and the clinic. Linda has been professional with a warm and friendly approach. Linda helped make the process as smooth as possible and was always available for assistance or reassurance. My husband and I are delighted to be pregnant and are...

Alice, UK

We have planned IVF for a short time and decided to get the treatment almost in 2 days - which was a quick process. I was glad, that in such a short time we managed to get a personal consultation and start the stimulation on the same day. Linda, who was our coordinator, she was literally amazing....

Nikola, UK

We first heard about Gynem and the service they offered in 2018, me and my husband have already then tried to create a family together for 10 years in our home country but without success, we decided to fly to Prague in 2018 for IVF treatment and got our dream fulfilled there because I became...

Karen, Iceland

We would like to express words of immense gratitude to both - you, Michaela, and the entire Gynem team for hard work and dedication to professionalism and skill!! You are wonderful and you do a great job! KEEP IT UP! 

Emma, UK

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