March 2020

5 myths about infertility


MYTH N.1 - Infertility is not affected by age

One of the most common myths. The number of eggs greatly decreases for women after 30, and for men, the quality and number of sperm decreases with age. It is necessary to consider when to start trying for a baby. 

MYTH N.2 - A healthy lifestyle is the way to fertility

There is one thing - it's too much of a good thing. Women (more than men) tend to be very attached to this, they train several times a day, don’t eat, have stress from work and here we are, hello problem! The consequence of this may be, for example, amenorrhoea (loss of menstruation) - low energy intake and high energy expenditure, long story short – a very big calorie deficit. It is necessary to find a balance in this and slow down. A healthy lifestyle is great, but it should be based on our heart, things we enjoy and what we are able to tolerate long term.

MYTH N.3 - Infertility is not a disease

Many people consider infertility a problem with conception. Which is true, but in 2009 the World Health Organisation (WHO) classified it as a disease. It is defined as the inability to achieve a clinical pregnancy after 12 months or more of regular unprotected sexual intercourse.


MYTH N.4 - Infertility is just a female problem

Infertility affects both - men and women. And the numbers show this and are very similar. One-third of couples struggle with male infertility, another-third struggle with female infertility, and lastly, there may be a problem on both sides, or the cause is never found.

MYTH N.5 - If you try, try, try, it will work out in the end

Couples who decide not to try and stop focusing on this process for some time often feel ashamed because they hear from other couples who are still trying say they gave up too early, which creates psychological pressure. But the truth is - when the couple slow down, focus on each other and  their interests, lead to some positive thoughts, which contributes to mental well-being and this is when THE BABY MOMENT may come.




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