March 2020

5 reasons to come to Prague - and not just for IVF fertility treatment


1) Access to Prague is excellent and public transport is reliable. 

Prague is located in the very heart of Europe. Affordable direct flights are available from all over the world, as are cost-effective buses from anywhere in Europe. The Prague public transport system is highly sophisticated. The system includes trams, buses and ferries from one bank of the Vltava River to the other. The airport is easily accessible by public transport at any time during the night, which is welcomed by tourists. Timetables are adhered to in Prague and include information on how many minutes it takes to reach your destination. Everything is available in the extremely useful app. 

2) Prague is beautiful, safe, fun and cheap. 

If you want to relax because you've come for artificial insemination, or if you're an active tourist, you certainly won't be bored in Prague and its surroundings. Whatever the weather or season, there's something to see, something to admire, something to experience, something to sample. You can admire beautiful views and monuments, visit gardens, museums, the opera, theatre, or a music or film festival. Experiences are on every corner - you can break the waves on pedalos or on a large cruise ship on the Vltava, skate on a public ice rink on the street in winter, experience a festival of lights or 3D reality, visit the zoo or butterflies' paradise, an ice bar, dine in total darkness in a restaurant, or be served by a robot. Chosen something? Attractions and bars are open longer than is normal in other countries. You can dance till the morning in an Irish bar or at a retro or Latino party. Anyone can go where they want, when they want, without having to be scared of catching a taxi on the street or at the central rank. According to surveys, citizens of Prague consider it a safe place. 

Travel agencies can take you on a trip in your language to nearby castles, UNESCO-listed towns (Český Krumlov), places where you can sample Czech mineral water where it rises to the surface (Karlovy Lázně, Mariánské Lázně), or to breweries and glassworks. 

Czech traditions like Easter and Christmas are also specific and charming. 


3) You definitely won't die of hunger in Prague – sampling the food in all types of restaurant is an experience.

Czech beer is famous and Czech cuisine is tasty. It pays to go “follow your nose” and go into a restaurant that appeals to you, either by the smell of its food or its style. It's good to know that the most beautiful areas of restaurants are usually hidden underground in the centre of Prague. The menu is available automatically in English and other languages. You could say that in the Czech Republic, more beer and wine is drunk than water. Local brandy with 50% alcohol content (e.g. slivovice, hruškovice) is worth trying - just have some water on hand to wash it down. Local Kofola or malinovka (raspberry lemonade) take the place of the well-known Coca-Cola and Pepsi. Typical Czech cuisine includes pork, cabbage, dumplings, pork knuckle, garlic soup, or sweet fruit dumplings. Salad isn't served before the main course, but with it as a side dish, unless it's served as the main course itself. Funny food names in the menu, for example "Knuckle of a pig that we were sorry to kill", or staff at a historic restaurant that takes their role really seriously, and are even vulgar, as things were in the past, will certainly make you laugh. 

4) You can speak English almost everywhere. 

Foreigners can make themselves understood without a problem in tourist areas – in restaurants they'll receive their menu in English, and can order a taxi over the phone in English. Don't worry – learning how to say “Dobrý den” (“hello”) and “Děkuji” (“thank you”) in Czech isn't difficult, either.  

5) Accommodation of all price categories is available throughout Prague. 

You can stay in any international hotel network or in cheap apartments owned by local property owners. Prices include VAT. You'll have to ask separately about breakfast, 24h reception or airport transfer. Statistics show that last year more than ten million international tourists stayed at accommodation facilities in the Czech Republic - and that's no small number!


Having infertility treatment combined with a holiday in Prague is certainly a very interesting idea. With its beauties and romance, Prague will only contribute positively to the highly desirable feeling of relaxation throughout the IVF process. 



*This article is translated from Czech original to English language by translation agency Marvel, s. r. o.