January 2021

Caesarean section – pros and cons

There are many myths about how caesarean sections work and what their consequences are. Many women believe that if one birth has been performed by caesarean section, then subsequent births will have to take place the same way. But that's not always true. According to experts from the Gynem Fertility Clinic, it is possible to estimate the potential risks and let a woman give birth to a baby the natural way, even after caesarean. 


Caesarean section on request and as a necessity

The number of children born by caesarean section is constantly rising in both the Czech Republic and abroad. According to gynaecologists and obstetricians from the Gynem Prague IVF clinic, there are many reasons for this. They consider the increasing age of mothers to be one of the most common. This is due not only to contemporary trends, but also to growing problems with infertility or disease.

Thanks to the advanced methods of modern medicine, caesarean section is not a complicated procedure. On the contrary, it can help, for example, to alleviate the traumatic experience of a previous birth. Additionally, convalescence following a caesarean section is less problematic than in the past. Caesarean section on request is thus relatively common, and allows the planning of the exact time of the birth and the safety of the procedure.




Advantages and disadvantages of caesarean section

First and foremost, caesarean section is a procedure that can save the life of the mother and the baby in the event of a complicated birth. In addition, it is considered a safe method of bringing a child into the world. Thanks to advanced methods such as, according to experts from the Gynem clinic, ultrasound diagnostics, it is possible to perform a caesarean section when the baby is at risk, even if it is not yet time for natural childbirth.

On the other hand, it is an invasive surgical procedure that may be accompanied by certain complications. There is a risk of damage to the bladder, or inflammation or complications due to fusion following a caesarean section. The period of convalescence following a caesarean section is also longer. Following the procedure, the woman must avoid physical exertion, including carrying the baby, for several weeks. Last but not least, a scar remains after a caesarean section.

The issue of natural childbirth after caesarean section is also problematic. In this respect, both experts and the general public are divided. Many gynaecologists and obstetricians believe that natural birth after a previous caesarean section poses an unnecessary risk to the mother. In addition, following caesarean section the woman already has a scar, so she will not have a new one.

Other experts are convinced that surgery always involves a certain amount of risk. In addition, for many women, natural birth is also significant from a psychological perspective. For them, it is an important transition between pregnancy and motherhood, during which a bond is established with the child.  


How to decide?

The personal opinion of a woman or couple as to whether their offspring should be born naturally or by caesarean section is very important. However, the doctor and his or her expert opinion have the final say in this respect. This takes into account, in particular, how the caesarean section was performed, how much time has passed since it was performed, and the condition of the scars and the woman's internal organs. In general, any subsequent delivery following a caesarean section is more risky and all factors must be considered. It all depends on the individual conditions, the personal decision of the pregnant woman and the recommendation of her doctor.




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