March 2021

Conscious Conception - what to do for it and how to prepare

The psyche has as great an effect on the human body as it does on physical health, and in attempts to conceive this is doubly true. When trying to conceive, a proper lifestyle, a varied diet, plenty of exercise and good physical condition are not enough. Mental well-being also plays a very important role. Especially for women who have been trying for a baby for a long time and still fail. So how do the psyche and pregnancy relate to each other? What can be done to keep a woman in top condition not only physically but also emotionally?


Eliminate stress and negative thinking

Many Eastern philosophies, natural healing methods, and other concepts believe that the mind is inextricably linked to the human body. It is not necessary to study various concepts and opinions on this issue. Everyone has experienced it for themselves.

Some feelings have their normal physical manifestations. When we feel fear or tension, our stomach tightens. Negative feelings such as anger, grievances and unresolved issues can lead to headaches. Thoughts can easily control the functioning of the whole body. The person then feels in danger and devotes their energy to solving the current problem.

When planning a pregnancy, it is necessary to give the body as much energy as possible to focus on conception and future offspring. By being stressed and negative, your body receives a signal that you may not be ready yet or that this is not the right time. On the contrary, if you are physically and mentally fit, you can also try conscious conception. 


when to conceive


Good moods are the key to success

A number of methods exist to calm yourself mentally. It may sound like a banal phrase, but there is often a lot of truth in it. It is extremely important to love yourself and your body. Only when a person accepts themselves (and therefore their partner) as they are, can they begin to move forward. As the saying goes, beauty comes from within.

But your environment is also important. If you are considering getting pregnant, one of the first steps should be to surround yourself with the company of positive people. They can be, for example, satisfied mothers or women who are enjoying their pregnancy. Toxic and negative people just suck the positivity right out of you and only bring down your mood thus bringing nothing to your life.

Even doctors agree that the psyche during pregnancy has a major impact on the development of the baby not only before birth but also after it.  Women who have had a comfortable pregnancy have largely satisfied offspring. Conversely, women who were pregnant under stress or have had an unpleasant life experience often face a number of problems.


Keep your chin up!

From an external perspective, it is easy to tell a woman who longs for a baby and fails to think positively. It's harder than it seems. But it is in such moments that it is necessary to persevere and not despair. Hobbies are a great help in this regard, whether you enjoy growing and taking care of herbs, drawing, practicing yoga or reading. All of these activities can be a great distraction and allow you to look at things from a different perspective. It doesn't matter who thinks what. The only one who understands your body and mind best is you. Listen to them and they will reward you for it. 



This article is translated from Czech original to English language by Bobby Pacewicz.