March 2021

Conscious Conception - what to do for it and how to prepare

Conscious conception does not mean that a woman decides for herself to get pregnant, and that she will succeed immediately. Rather, it is about achieving a certain state of body and mind that prepares optimal conditions for conception. This state can be achieved by having a good physical condition and health, a balanced and varied diet, positive thinking and mental state and quality interpersonal relationships and coexistence with their partner. So what is conscious conception and how to achieve this state?


Conscious conception of a healthy baby

Many women try to find ways to get pregnant.  Conscious conception is one way to conceive without resorting to infertility treatment or artificial insemination. Conscious conception is a form of preparation in which the body and mind can be brought into a state that helps achieve pregnancy. What can be done?


A drinking regime and healthy diet

The saying says we are what we eat. In order for the body to be in good condition, it is necessary to hydrate it regularly and supply it with the necessary nutrients. A woman trying to conceive should definitely avoid commercially processed products that contain a number of preservatives, salts, hardened fats and other chemicals that clog and burden the body. On the contrary, she should increase her consumption of superfoods, fresh foods and herbs. Spring water and fresh vegetable and fruit juices are ideal for drinking.


baby conception


Detoxification of the body

In present times, it is difficult to avoid substances that burden the human body. These can be things we consume, medications, but also negative impacts due to the environment. One of the ways to increase the chances of getting pregnant is to detoxify the body. There are many ways to cleanse the body and rid the body of microbes, parasites and heavy metals. In this regard, it pays to listen to so-called old wives’ tales and advice and choose natural remedies and herbs rather than vitamins and artificial preparations. 


Positive mood

If a woman is stressed or thinks negatively, it can significantly reduce the chances of conceiving a child. The state of our mind is reflected in our physical state. If you feel pressured or stressed, think about the factors that cause it and eliminate them. In addition to yourself being relieved, you will move on to the next level in which your mind and body will be in close harmony.  Harmony is one of the key steps to conscious conception.


A functional partnership

A functional and loving relationship is also very important for successful conception and consequently a happy pregnancy. If there are still unresolved wrongs, traumas and old injuries between you and your partner, it is time to resolve them and enter a new stage of life with a clean slate. This also includes family and interpersonal relationships. In case of any troubles within them, it is necessary to deal with it.


Conscious pregnancy is a natural way to increase your chances of conceiving. It is a path on which you will learn to be physically and mentally calm. Instead of the stress of not getting pregnant, you will enjoy your efforts. In addition, it is a straightforward path and it is not a trial by error method. If this method does not work, you can always try the path of artificial insemination. 


This article is translated from Czech original to English language by Bobby Pacewicz.