October 2020

Covid-19: How to not go mad in these times

The expected second wave is round the corner. On television, the Internet, the radio and other media, they're talking about nothing else but the coronavirus. People are being bombarded with countless new and different pieces of information, measures and data every moment. People don't know what's going to happen, the economy doesn't look good at all, and the prospects for the future aren’t entirely positive either. How can you not go mad from all this, and keep up a good mood?

Don’t believe everything that’s written on the Internet

The media are having a field day in these times. Artificial fear and panic can have a very negative effect on human health and immunity – even more than the virus itself. Of course, you should remain informed, but it is necessary to take your information from trusted sources, such as the website of the Ministry of Health. Commercial websites that shall remain nameless, but that write about one disaster after another, should be kept at arm's length, and you should keep a cool head. They should ideally be avoided completely.

Measures – yes, but with common sense

Government measures must be respected and complied with. But even here, maintaining a common-sense attitude is one of the most important things to do. Everyone has their own opinion on the measures and it is completely useless to argue and aggressively promote your own version of the truth, whether in the online world or face-to-face. Everyone should behave considerately and responsibly and in the best way they can. It is in times like this that people should stick together and help each other get through things.


Focus on yourself

Here, we don't mean like in the March wave, when the whole world slowed down and people suddenly had much more time for activities that they didn’t before. Now, the emphasis is on mental health, which goes hand-in-hand with physical health. The autumn season is often associated with dry and gloomy weather, and thus a negative mood. These negative moods and feelings can deepen in connection with this situation. It is also connected to the economic situation, where people don't know what will happen and uncertainty plays a crucial role in their lives. Try to sleep well, relax mentally, try meditation, keep your head busy with positive thoughts, and stop for at least a while during the day. It is also worth trying to learn to look at negative things from a different angle and come up with a solution that could improve them. This is not a day-to-day process, but one in which the very work on it brings results.

Pay attention to your physical health

Covid isn't the only respiratory disease that's spreading – others are, too. So you should increase your intake of vitamins and minerals, eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, exercise, and get enough sleep. Powerful natural substances such as a combination of ginger, honey and lemon can also help.

This difficult period will affect most people in some way – be it from a health, economic or financial point of view. Even this negative fact is proof that everyone’s in it together. A common effort, common sense and considerate behaviour can overcome anything.






*This article is translated from Czech original to English language by translation agency Marvel, s. r. o.