August 2020

Egg Freezing method

Medicine is advancing, and today we have options that our grandparents never even dreamed of. These also include procedures that deal with fertility and eggs, and which will be prepared when the time is right.

Times are different, young people aren't in a hurry

In recent years there has been a sharp rise in the number of young couples who are in no hurry to conceive. They prefer to focus on their education and careers, they want to travel, and they don't think about starting a family. This may also be because women do not have a long-term partner, or have certain health issues. When the moment comes to think about it, they find that it doesn't work just like that. Whether attempts at conception are successful or not depends on many factors. Therefore, it is definitely worth noting the option offered by the GYNEM clinic, namely egg freezing. While the name may sound intimidating, it's not that bad. Let's take a closer look at this method and the device that can make things a lot easier.

Egg freezing from start to finish

It all starts immediately after you arrive at the clinic – the doctors and nurses and explain everything to you and guide you through the whole process. During the process they will be like a crutch that you can always lean on. On your first visit, you will also be informed that the eggs must first be hormonally stimulated by means of injections, which the woman gives herself for 12 days, before they are collected and frozen. This causes more eggs to ripen at once, resulting in more eggs to freeze. Injections are something that women are usually afraid of – but there’s nothing to fear. The needles are small and thin, so you barely feel the puncture itself. Before you go home with the injections, the nurse instructs you on how to apply them. When it comes to the injection itself, it's good to occupy your mind and think of something nice and positive. This process is followed by the actual collection of eggs at the clinic. This takes place under brief anaesthesia, and the procedure takes approximately 5-10 minutes in total. After the procedure, you relax in the recovery room and you are accompanied home after about 1-2 hours. The collected eggs are treated using a method called vitrification – the cells are stored in a special solution that contains cryoprotectants, or substances that protect cells from frost damage. We then cool them down sharply in this special medium. After freezing, we can store eggs for up to 12 years, which is a very long time and women do not have to stress themselves that they "don't have time".


A healthy lifestyle plays a role

If you are thinking about this procedure, we recommend thinking about your lifestyle. You definitely want healthy eggs that are in the best possible condition, so it is good to reduce your alcohol consumption and smoking, eat a balanced diet, include exercise in your schedule, eliminate stress factors, and also sleep well. These factors have a considerable influence on the condition of your eggs, so it is appropriate to focus on your overall lifestyle and diet.

This method is now encountering a huge wave of positivity, if only because women then do not have to feel the stress and pressure of their surroundings. HERE you can find the video of Naamah, who came to the GYNEM clinic from the USA and underwent egg freezing. He sums up the whole process beautifully in a video that is definitely worth watching, and which will give you a lot of new information.







*This article is translated from Czech original to English language by translation agency Marvel, s. r. o.