March 2020

GYNEM Family Clinic and its story

The GYNEM IVF Clinic was established as an outpatient medical facility for gynecology and obstetrics, with a focus on assisted reproduction, i.e. in vitro fertilisation (IVF) and embryo transfer (ET), for both Czech and international clients. 


The name GYNEM originated as a pun – GYNEkologie Mrázek. Two doctors – father and son – knew that they could be a unified team and complement each other professionally. Their cooperation was fantastic from the very beginning and they both put their own experience into the launch of their own IVF centre.

MUDr. Milan Mrázek, Ph.D., MBA

He works at the GYNEM IVF clinic as head consultant and gynaecologist. Dr. Mrázek specialised in gynaecology and obstetrics at Charles University in Prague, and in 2007 he obtained the Attestation in Reproductive Medicine. He has participated in professional internships, for example when he spent six months in Tokyo in 1993, with a focus on prenatal diagnostics, and in 1994, with a focus on in vitro fertilisation and embryo transfer (IVF, ET). For many years he worked as senior consultant at Pronatal s.r.o.’s ISCARE IVF Center for Assisted Reproduction. He considers lifelong learning important. He is a member of the Czech Gynaecology and Obstetrics Society (CGPS), the Czech Medical Society of JEP, the Council of the National Medical Library, and the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE). 

MUDr. Martin Mrázek, MBA

He leads and manages the GYNEM s.r.o. IVF clinic and Medical Travel s.r.o. After completing his studies in general medicine at Charles University in Prague in 2009, he also completed an MBA in 2011.  He has studied and worked in Portugal, the USA, and Canada, and participated in research in Indonesia.  He has become a successful manager and entrepreneur. He sees the family as the ideal foundation of the IVF Center, which aims to help people to achieve the most valuable thing there is - to start a family. MUDr. Martin Mrázek, MBA proudly says: “Nowadays, many clinics belong to big investors and chains. We are still in the hands of the founders. We remain a family clinic because we want to provide a great service, where you feel at home. We also know that it is mainly people that make the quality of a service, so we consider employees, too, part of our big family”. 

The idea of building a brand new, modern building for the GYNEM IVF clinic was born in 2010, when MUDr. Martin Mrázek, MBA, founded Medical Travel s.r.o., which focuses on medical tourism. An important source of finance when building this first IVF clinic in the Czech Republic from scratch was the supply of a large number of clients to Prague from abroad.   

The GYNEM clinic building is designed from the ground up for the treatment of infertility disorders. The premises were tailored to the needs of assisted reproduction. The state-of-the-art in-house laboratory uses the latest technology and equipment. The owners' mission is to be pioneers in technology and the constant search for technical hits in the field. The clinic provides state-of-the-art methods of treatment for women who are trying to conceive and offer a comfortable modern environment, including gardens, for relaxation.   

Gynem IVF centre


The family-run GYNEM IVF clinic creates families 

The clinic staff are one big family with common goals. Its members are full of optimism. They believe in achieving success. In cooperation with clients, they try to create their family. The clinic's employees greet every new successful pregnancy with great enthusiasm. “Our team includes outstanding specialists in the field. We always select people for our team who are outstanding on both a professional and a human level," says MUDr. Martin Mrázek, MBA, who believes that strength lies in people who are passionate about working in his clinic. 

The clinic achieves its success thanks to the positive attitude of its staff and the latest technical equipment. “We are really proud to have realised over 2,500 cycles at our clinic. For us, too, it is a dream come true to help create families. We believe in the full satisfaction of our clients, who are part of this story. The success of the clinic is also openly discussed by clients who have become parents themselves, e.g. in the video and article)", says MUDr. Martin Mrázek, MBA.

At the end of the interview, MUDr. Martin Mrázek, MBA says: “Our goal is to constantly improve our services. In addition to increasing success rates, we also focus on the legal aspect of treatment as a whole. We want to offer our clients maximum security in both directions”. And this is message to those who are hesitating: “Don't be discouraged by failure. The important thing is to believe in your dream goal, and to go for it. Don't give up, even though this path can sometimes be very thorny”.  

What is certain is that optimism and belief is the driving force for those who would like to start a family, or enlarge the one they have, but are not succeeding. They definitely shouldn't be afraid to pursue their dream.

There is a short video of our clinic, watch it and enjoy it! 

*The article is translated from Czech original to English language by translation agency Marvel, s. r. o.