April 2020

Male infertility is real - the most common causes

Many people may think that the inability to conceive is the woman's “fault”. In fact, the ratio between man and woman is more than balanced - in 40% it is some problem on the female side, in the other 40% it is on the male side. In the remaining 20% the cause is not found or there is a problem on both sides. Let's look at the most common causes of male infertility.

1) Sperm quality

One of the most common reasons is issues with sperm production and quality. In order to be viable, sperm must have the right structure, shape and good movement.

2) Age and lifestyle

Similar to women, these two factors significantly affect male fertility. Adult men tend to make unhealthy habits such as alcohol consumption or using drugs. As age increases, fertility decreases significantly. These two factors affect new sperm formation, so sperm may be disrupted from a genetic viewpoint. This may increase the risk of miscarriage and the birth of children with health problems. Therefore some tips for prevention of this are:

Healthy and quality diet
Yes, again and again it has to be repeated. Healthy, balanced and rich in all required nutrients, vitamins and minerals. This is the basis of what the body requires in order to function properly and produce healthy and quality sperm.

No alcohol and/or drugs
These have a negative effect on the body, and act as poison in the body. It is not surprising that high alcohol consumption and drug use greatly reduce sperm quality and production.

Maintain optimal weight
Weight is just a number, and no one should make a big deal of it. Our body weight depends on many factors. But it is also necessary to engage common sense and perceive our body. In the case of being overweight, where high weight can cause health problems, it is necessary to focus on this and reduce weight in a healthy and optimal manner. Obesity leads to problems with sperm production and decreases libido. It is a good idea to consult with a nutritional specialist who will guide you on the right path. But beware of strict diets as these cause more harm than good.

Stress elimination
Chronic and long-term stress can significantly and negatively affect hormonal function that is required for sperm production. In some cases, stress itself can lead to infertility. If you are in a stressful situation, try to find the cause and focus on alleviating it. Do what you enjoy, talk to close people around you. Trying yoga or meditation may help to calm your mind.

Polluted environment
Some airborne chemicals may cause production of female hormones in the male body, which may result in decreased sperm production. For example, pesticides, herbicides and other substances can also affect the ability of sperm to bind to an egg during fertilisation. Unfortunately, this cannot be eradicated so easily, but nature trips and fresh clean air may at least help a little.

Scrotum temperature
In order for sperm to develop properly, the scrotum must be at least a few degrees lower than normal body temperature, so the testes which are situated in the scrotum – are so-called “outside the body”. Spending excessive time in a hot tub, wearing tight underwear, and other activities that raise scrotal temperature can reduce sperm production.

Causes of male infertility

3) Genetic factors

Genetics has an effect on many things - sperm quality and production included. It does not cause infertility, but rather conception of a child with a certain genetic defect.

4) Health problems

Health factors do not directly cause male infertility, but their presence increases the risk of infertility. These factors may include: ejaculation problems, infections, tumours, surgery, radiation therapy, some drugs and hormonal imbalances.

Prevention and treatment of male infertility?

Establishing a proper diagnosis of male infertility is crucial to choosing the appropriate treatment. Doctors will first inquire about the individual's sexual and medical history, then a semen sample will be taken and analysed in the laboratory. Once the cause is diagnosed, treatment can begin - for example, certain prescribed medications  can correct hormonal imbalances or ejaculation problems, and structural problems can be corrected surgically.

Another possibility is intrauterine insemination (IUI) or in vitro fertilization (IVF) or you have the option to use donated sperm.

The causes of male infertility are closely related to those of women. So it is great when a couple is on the same wavelength regarding the basics  – such as diet, lifestyle and their psyche. Have someone beside you who is your partner and lover in one.