June 2021

Mental hygiene as a chance for conception

Every doctor, and not only those from assisted reproduction clinics, will confirm that a good mood and mental state are essential for the treatment of various diseases, illnesses and ailments. In today's hectic times, which places high demands on us, it is often not possible to avoid everyday stress and stressful situations. We live in a performance-oriented society and work places high demands on us. With the constant cycle of never-ending duties and tasks, inevitably comes fatigue and stress. How to properly take care of your mental health, which forms the basis of our physical condition? The answer may be mental hygiene.


Mental hygiene as conscious care for the soul

Psychohygiene or mental hygiene is a term used in applied psychological disciplines. This means that it is not just a theoretical concept, but a whole set of practical procedures and advice on how to care for your mental health and balance. Mental hygiene is basically a kind of manual that allows people in difficult or complicated life situations to stay strong and resistant to the surrounding negative influences. It provides instructions not only on how to successfully overcome various difficulties and life hurdles, but also on how to avoid and prevent them. 

Thanks to mental hygiene, everyone can fight mental health problems, burnout and work on positive social relationships. The goal is a to be a strong, satisfied and balanced person. One who is motivated to achieve goals in their personal and professional life and tasks are not a burden for them. They are satisfied with themselves and their life and transmit a positive mood, thus creating an overall better atmosphere at home and at work. 

For example, mental hygiene is also recommended for couples who suffer from infertility and are looking for ways to conceive. Modern methods of assisted reproduction are very successful, but you cannot rely on them alone. A satisfied and balanced couple has a better chance of getting pregnant than one who is bothered by the situation and its possible failures.


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How mental hygiene works?

Mental hygiene provides people with a set of practical tools to cope not only with everyday problems such as stress, conflict, tense and stressful situations, but also with unpleasant life events such as the death of a loved one, breakup, loss of employment, poor financial situation and more. Its main goal is prevention, for a person to be strong and balanced enough to handle these situations. Otherwise, these problems can turn into psychological or psychosomatic problems. To prevent this, mental hygiene has developed a set of several methods.

The whole basis is to have enough quality sleep. Everyone has different needs, but it is generally stated that for an adult it should be at least eight hours. If you have trouble falling asleep or waking up, a very effective method is to set the exact time when you will go to bed or get up every day. The bedroom should be a place only for sleep and intimate life. Before going to bed, it is advisable to ventilate the room and pull the curtains so that the light from outside does not wake you up. Any appliances that emit blue light, which is harmful to sleep, especially televisions do not belong in the bedroom.

Another way to effectively prevent the negative effects of the environment is a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet. Treat your body to quality foods and meals that will charge you with energy and lift your spirits. Proper nutrition, along with exercise, is very important for a good mood. During physical activity, the hormones endorphin and serotonin are released into the body, which are rightly nicknamed the hormones of happiness. In addition, exercise is an effective prevention against becoming overweight or even obese, and a positive perception of one's body is key to mental balance. 

The right balance of work and rest is also important. As with sleep, it pays to create a regular schedule for work and relaxation. Knowing when it's time to work and when to rest will help you manage all the tasks you have on a given day, and at the same time it won't be at the expense of rest. This should then be a combination of active and passive relaxation.

If you apply these methods of mental hygiene regularly in your daily life, and yet you feel that you are still tired, have difficulty concentrating, you are often irritable and in a bad mood, you can try one more thing. This refers to relaxation and self-regulation exercise. These can be very well combined with physical activities. Yoga, tai chi or Pilates are the ideal way to stretch your body while calming your soul. Various breathing techniques can also help.


Mental hygiene as a lifestyle

Mental hygiene should be the basic principle of every person who strives to live a healthy life and have a balanced life. This is doubly true for couples who are trying to conceive and who are not doing so well. Without mental well-being, people are at higher risk of civilisational diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and other diseases that have a direct effect on fertility. A mentally balanced person is in a good mood, has a positive approach to life and functional social relationships, which is the basis for starting a happy family.