March 2021

Tips and Tricks on How to Manage Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a period that most women look forward to and it is one of the most beautiful times of their lives. However, this does not automatically mean that the pregnancy will be a walk through the park. In many cases, women have to deal with a number of difficult situations in physical, mental and emotional terms. Some suffer from morning sickness, fatigue, swelling, mood swings or fear of the unknown future. Each woman experiences pregnancy individually, but there are some good tips available for managing pregnancy.


Body Care

From the first signs of the beginning of pregnancy to childbirth, turbulent processes take place in a woman's body, which are manifested externally by physical changes and displays. In the first trimester of pregnancy, there are not many changes in a woman's appearance, but hormones are intense. The second trimester is the quietest period and in the third any bodily changes and complications associated with them are the most marked. So, what can be done to make pregnancy and the period before delivery as comfortable as possible?

Sleep is probably the most important in pregnancy. The body needs to gain energy and rest is the best solution.

A proper diet is another way to supply the body with energy. Despite nausea, a pregnant woman should never be hungry. Exercise during pregnancy is definitely not forbidden. All you have to do is choose a suitable pregnancy course, thanks to which will also prepare you for childbirth. Massage can relieve swollen ankles, a stiff neck or alleviate restless leg syndrome during pregnancy. However, it is always necessary to choose a suitable pregnancy massage. A maternity pillow is ideal especially for women in the third trimester who have a hard time finding a position in which to rest. Maternity pillows are then also functional during breastfeeding. Pregnancy courses are a good way to prepare for the next stages of pregnancy and for childbirth itself. Here you will find out what options you have and what to expect from pregnancy and subsequently motherhood. 


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Mind and soul care

In order for a person to be truly in harmony, it is not only important to take care of the physical and of the new life growing in the belly. Mental well-being and emotional balance are just as important as getting enough sleep or a varied diet. Every woman has different interests and hobbies and various things will have a beneficial effect on her psyche. Nevertheless, there are some tips on how to positively attune yourself and expect the baby to arrive peacefully and without stress.

Caring for the body can have a very good effect on the psyche, especially in women who worry about the body changes that are happening. A pedicure, manicure or a new haircut is ideal. Getting help is not a sign of weakness, on the contrary. It is a relief for a pregnant woman and her loved ones will appreciate that it can be part of the preparations for the new life. Contact with friends and family will help you overcome insecurity, get rid of worries and distract your thoughts. Shopping for baby or maternity clothes is fun, where you can look forward to the arrival of the baby. Testing during pregnancy will help you eliminate any uncertainties and worries about your baby's health. In addition, your gynaecologist will professionally answer all your questions.

Pregnancy groups and forums can be a good tool for communicating with women who are in the same situation, or for advice from more experienced ones. But it is always necessary to keep in mind that social networks must be taken with a grain of salt. 


This article is translated from Czech original to English language by Bobby Pacewicz.