What is the medicine for

DECAPEPTYL This is used in assisted reproductive methods as a supplementary treatment. IIt is used to trigger the final maturation of follicles.  

How to store the medicine

Store in a refrigerator (2 °C–8 °C). Protect from frost. Keep the inner packaging inside the box at all times to protect the preparation from light.

How to take the medicine

Medicines must always be taken as directed by the doctor. Stimulation is performed in the evening. Choose the time yourself - we recommend a time between 6 pm and 7 pm. Stimulation must be performed at the same time every day. When traveling, make sure you account for any change in time.

Always wash your hands before administering the medicine.

The syringe is pre-filled – prior to application, DO NOT remove the bubble from the syringe, simply tap gently until it moves to the tip of the syringe, holding it pointing upwards. The medicine is ready for application. 

For the injection, choose an area around the navel in the lower abdomen and change the site of application every day. Use a disinfectant pad at the chosen area. The drug should be administered subcutaneously. Therefore the injection should be performed at an angle of 90° while holding the subcutaneous tissue. Insert the whole needle into the subcutaneous tissue and apply the medicine by squeezing the side of the syringe. Dispose of the used syringe with needle in a container and use a new needle every day.

Side effects

Side effects are not common with this medicine. You may experience fatigue, acne, or reactions at the injection site (e.g. pain, redness at the injection site, haematoma (bruising), and swelling).


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