What is the medicine for

LENZETO is used in assisted reproductive methods to support the growth of the uterine mucosa.

How to store the medicine

Do not store at temperatures above 25 °C. Store the product in the original packaging in order to protect it from light. Protect from frost.

How to take the medicine

Medicines must always be taken as directed by the doctor.  Application is carried out several times per day. 

Open the applicator. Press the applicator firmly onto a clean area of the forearm leaving no gaps. Then press the applicator button.  The medicine is absorbed through the skin. Change the area where you apply the medication each time. Application is painless.

Side effects

Side effects may include headaches, abdominal pain, nausea, rash, itching, irregular uterine bleeding or vaginal bleeding (including spotting), tenderness of the breasts, breast pain, and an increase or decrease in body weight.


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