The Egg Donation Programme Guarantee

In the case of the Basic Package, if at least one embryo suitable for transfer is not yielded, one new cycle will be provided at no extra charge.

In the case of the Comfort Package, if only one blastocyst stage embryo is yielded, the patient has the right to request another blastocyst stage embryo free of charge to be created and transferred within 12 months of the first transfer. This second transfer would be a FET (frozen embryo transfer). If no blastocyst is yielded, as per the Comfort Package guarantee, we will provide a new cycle for free. If there aren't enough fresh eggs available from the donor, we can supplement them with frozen eggs If suitable frozen eggs are available in stock.

If the first and second packages (same package type) are not successful (negative biochemical pregnancy test), a third one will be offered for free (Comfort Package) or at a 30% discount (Basic Package). In this case we guarantee four fresh or frozen eggs and one healthy embryo for transfer. For the guarantee to apply, sperm must be of sufficient quality (motile sperms that are not in a state of 'teratozoospermia'). The guarantee cannot apply if surgically retrieved sperm (e.g. MESA/TESE) were used. The recipient must not suffer from any serious autoimmune disease, or uterine fibroids (distorting the uterine cavity). Please note, any frozen embryos remaining from previous cycles must be used before this third cycle may commence.   



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