July 2022

How to take care of yourself during IVF treatment.

IVF can be a hard process for some. Many couples have struggled with infertility for a long time and IVF is their hope to finally get pregnant. IVF can put emotional and physical strains on a couple. IVF is a fantastic treatment that has worked for many, but that doesn’t mean that IVF treatment is easy and painless. Many feel anxiety and stress when going through IVF. These feelings are normal, but it is important to deal with them instead of brushing these feelings aside.


What are the hardest parts of IVF treatment?

There are many different parts of IVF treatment. IVF treatment affects everyone differently. IVF treatment has a few steps, which are:

  • Medicine that suppresses a woman’s menstrual cycle. This medicine is often administered with daily injections.
  • Fertility hormones that increase the number of eggs a woman produces.
  • Ultrasounds to check the progress.
  • The woman is sedated and the eggs are collected using a needle. Women may feel cramps and discomfort after this procedure.
  • The eggs are fertilized and grow in a laboratory. 
  • The embryos are transferred into the womb using a catheter.
  • The couple must then wait two weeks to take a pregnancy test.


care of yourself during IVF


Some couples may feel that different aspects of IVF were more difficult for them. Many do agree on what is the hardest part of this treatment. Most feel that the waiting period to take the pregnancy test is the most difficult part of this process. Couples want to know the answer after they have put so much time and energy into this process. [1]


Why is it important to take care of yourself during IVF?

IVF is a difficult process and it is important to take care of your mind and body during IVF. Women respond differently to the medication they are put on to suppress the menstrual cycle and to increase the number of eggs. This medication could affect how your body feels and your mood. 

Many women state that they had to change things about their routines during IVF to put themselves first. You may feel that it is better to keep all of your responsibilities the same in your work and personal life. This works for some, but others find they need to slow down and process everything. IVF isn’t easy and the hope for a child should not come before taking care of yourself. [2]


What are some ways to put yourself first?

There are many ways to look after yourself and practice self-care during IVF. Not all of these suggestions may be beneficial for everyone. It is up to you to decide how you can take care of your mind and body best. 

Good communication with your doctor is important, as you don’t want any added stress due to miscommunication or the unknown. Many people suggest clearing your calendar during IVF or reducing your responsibilities at work and socially. Obligations or people that deplete your energy should be put to the side during IVF, you should try to do things and see people that lift you up. Communication with your partner and friends about what you are feeling can help as well. Some activities like yoga, meditation, listening to music, going on walks, and watching movies can be really relaxing during this time. Most importantly eating and sleeping well should be something anyone does especially when going through IVF.

IVF can be an intimidating process and it can cause many emotions to come to the surface. It is important to be kind to yourself during this time and adjust your life as needed. [3]



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